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Friday, February 10, 2017

Fake News? Let's Talk About Your Fake Pain

                                   (P.S. Here's the Harness Your Habits Link)
Fake news is all the rage in recent months, (or years depending on your feelings on the current state of our media options).

What is fake news?
    * Some quotes are misinterpreted or poorly paraphrased?
   *  Embellished stories?
    * Outright lies?

Let's talk about fake pain, because this is an issue everyone would rather tip-toe around.

What's that?
  It's just my way of describing how people handle their health concerns. 

Pain is a message, not the real problem.  
Pain is often a misinterpreted message. 

          Pain has multiple causes, and I don't deny people have pain.
However, pain gives folks something to worry about, talk about, and dare I say....complain about. 

       It's really a safe distraction.
      I talk to a lot of people with recurring pain.  
      All things considered I see a lot of recurring stress.

           Recurring dysfunctional relationships
           Recurring bad dieting
           Recurring medication side effects
           Recurring lack of sleep
           Recurring terrible bosses who manage badly
           Recurring excuses

We call this stress: interference.

Interference subluxates the spine and short circuits the nervous system's ability to coordinate healing through the body. 

While we adjust subluxations to reconnect your wondrous innate healing capability, can we be more honest about stress?

Not all stress can be alleviated, for example, gravity, pollution, politicians.  But we can do quite a bit in our lives to make things better.  And that includes honesty about what causes break down and what causes healing. 

Stay positive!  Hang out with chiropractors!