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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Can We Learn From Kids?

There was a fish bowl in the Children's Room at Seymour Library. Children were asked to write down their goals for the school year. Sheila Mikkelson, the library director listed the children's goals in her "Message from the Director" page on the library's website.

I copied and pasted the goals they wrote down. Take a look at them and pay attention to how you feel. I was touched reading them. I could imagine all the kids wanting to be better at something in their lives. They were written anonymously but I have an empathic feeling inside me rooting for all these children.

As adults we try to downplay our wishes with a stoic, outward stance. Let's not forget the feelings of inspiration and motivation from our younger days.

Do you have a passion? Are you going after your desires? Be healthy and energetic so you can. This is the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic's subluxation free life-style. To learn more, let me know or leave a comment. This is what my Be More Alive blog is dedicated to.

Read the children's goals:

1. My goal is to pass 8th grade

2. To learn to read harder books

3. 4.0 GPA

4. Do good in school

5. Be a great friend

6. To find the best college and pass 12th grade

7. To get my GED

8. Play baseball

9. Meet the Jonas Brothers

10. Be a positive influence wherever I go

11. Be good

12. Have a good day at swimming

13. I would like to start dance/ to read the books

14. My goal for the whole school year is to get good grades

15. Do good in school and in math

16. To get better grades

17. My goal is to pass

18. To write my first and last name well

19. To be good

20. For dessert in my lunch every time

21. Getting 100 on tests

22. I wish for a batman set

23. To have a positive year with no fights or enemies/to get along with everyone

24. I want to learn math

25. My goal is to be a good student

26. I can’t wait until tomorrow

27. I wish to have lots of friends and do better in science and spelling

28. Get smarter in school

29. I wish to do great in school for the rest of the year

Sheila Mikkelson

Library Director

you get to choose.

----Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Flu News---Don't Put All Your Faith in the Flu Shot

Here is a great new blog I stumbled upon. Read Alix's MEDNAUSEUM Blog about the the flu shot. It does not prevent the flu!


Just get enough Vitamin D3 and don't overload the nervous system with mental and physical stress.

You get to choose.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach



Saying No to Vaccines

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mind-Body Purpose...Chiropractic Becomes How You Live

"Men and women are hardwired by God to have a purpose, but we get distracted by the world and thus lose our way."

From John Tesh's book: Intelligence for Your Life.

Don't let subluxations get in the way.

Subluxations accumulate over time in the spine. Don't let time win.
Nervous system overload changes you in many, many ways, in body, mind, and spirit.

You get to choose.

Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Coach


High Cholesterol Isn't A Disease---It's Just a Lab Value

The cholesterol theory is just that -- a theory. Who has proven it? And, statin drugs make no difference in someone's chances of dying. But these drugs certainly are a big deal in taking away quality of life.

Dr. Michael R. Eades writes a great blog article about the cholesterol trap and medical care protocols. Click the link below to get his view on screening tests that can steer you in the wrong direction.

Why am I so focused on the "cholesterol junk" forced upon us? This is one the most annoying examples of what many in the natural health business call Health Scare (It is far from health care). Fear is used to manipulate people into doing unhealthy things like take "maintenance drugs" that maintain apathy---not health.

As a society, we hate ourselves. We truly hate ourselves and I see it in how we treat our bodies. We don't believe we are strong. We don't believe we were given great intelligent bodies. We quit trusting our instincts.

Not here at Homic Advanced Chiropractic!
As a chiropractor teaching about advanced thinking for advanced living, we have no reason whatsoever to feel so badly about being alive.

The glass is not half full! The glass is a receptacle with a lot of potential for being full and half full and empty. It all depends on how we want to take care of the glass.

We need to be vigilant with our health freedom. Learn how to be proactive in protecting it. Visit Better Living Choices now.

CLICK HERE for Dr. Eade's Article

You get to choose.

Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Coach