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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My "Best of 2009" Favorites

To add to the other "Best of ..." lists, I looked back at my blog postings this year and picked out a few of my entries that stood out with the message of health freedom. Take a look and revisit a few:

Why is Montel Williams Watching His Friends Die?

Chiropractic, Hormones, and the Contagious Nature of Stress on Children

Austic Kids are Sending Us a Critical Warning

Make Time or Make Mistakes

Change Your Health and Change the World

Passing Love to the Next Generation

How Can We Honor the Mind/Body Miracle?

Health Freedom is in your hands....I will pass on Health Liberation with mine.

See you at the table...the chiropracti table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Monday, December 14, 2009

Napleon Hill: Get Adjusted and Prosper

Click on the image to make it bigger. This is a piece of history.

Photo courtesy:

Just two requirements for chiropractic

Photo Courtesy:

Here it is:

There are only 2 things required for chiropractic:

(1) One person to give an adjustment
(2) One person to receive an adjustment

A gift cannot be given until it is received.

The best adjustment will be given when the receiver knows why it is given.
The receiver won't feel it is a gift until the giver and the receiver both speak the same language of Mind/Spine/Intelligent Design.

Regarding this photo---Babies don't speak, but they understand love.

Anything else is just extraneous filler used to sway us away from health freedom.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Know Your Pain Type

People come to the chiropractor when they are in pain. They think chiropractic will stop their pain but that is a false premise. It often leads to disappointment. The number of folks who fall prey to this assumption are left in an unhealthy state that is dangerous to their quality of life and yes, their life.

You first need to know what type of pain you have so you can take action on how to avoid certain stressors while chiropractic care helps you enhance the healing process.

There are 3 basic pain types. Find out what they are when you come to your next appointment.

Are you still sick, tired, and hurting? You have not properly addressed your pain type.

See you at the table.
The chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

. . .

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chiropractic Table Wisdom 2nd Edition Is Available

I have republished Chiropractic Table Wisdom: Inspiring the Human Experience.

You can get it at (Remember Amazon's great shipping deals when you are Christmas shopping.)

E-books are available here.
You can preview the first few pages online.

To promote the 2nd edition I will be hosting a book club for those interested in a discussion group right before their adjustment appointment. The chapters are very short so the book club can meet 2-3 times a week around the most popular adjusting times. It will take 30-40 minutes depending on the liveliness of the discussion and all participants can get adjusted immediately after the group meeting ends.

Two afternoon and one morning time will be chosen.

How do you sign up? Just let me know so I can pick the best times.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do I call myself? (Is there still a genie in the bottle?)

Photo: The Citizen

Are you waiting for the genie to come out of the bottle?
Sometimes I am.

I became a chiropractor for one big reason: the adjustment unlocks the mystery of life.

We don't need to analyze it. Just unlock it and use for vibrant living.

What more can I say? I don't want to talk about back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, brachial plexus injuries, head aches, etc. I never intended to jump into the "back pain boat." I know this confuses the public. Sometimes I wish I could rename my profession in a way that more fully explains what I do.

Chiropractic means "practice of the hands" because it describes the adjustment, but it does not explain why. Every chiropractor has a different reason for adjusting the spine, so this is where the confusion comes in. Hopefully it is seen as a plethora of hope for people seeking natural ways to enhance their lives.

Why should you get adjusted?
Why do I adjust others?

There are three reasons to get adjusted: stagnation, disruption, or gratitude. My hope is that everyone eventually reaches the point of gratitude.

We live in a symptom based world. Obsessing over symptoms does not unlock the mystery of life. It only allows us to bury the real reasons we are cut off from our own precious "life force."

It is time to change the emphasis.

If you look at life force instead of pain, your outlook will be transformed.

We naturally focus on physical pain. It hurts when it happens and for some people it never goes away. How we look at pain needs to change so we can return to the mystery of life. But it is called a mystery for a reason. If we obsess about pain we are temporarily placated because we feel like we are doing something constructive. In the long run, it is not.

Everyone asks me, "What is causing my pain?"
The simple answer is, "damage." For immediate life threatening damage, surgery is needed, but for the rest education plays a far greater role. In the chiropractic office, if you want me to analyze the damage and explain it more, it is an inefficient use of our time. We don't really know for sure because some people get better faster than others. If we all responded the same way we would have it licked. But there's the mystery.

There is a part of life we can NEVER manipulate

The nervous system is a part of us that is full of mystery. We know the non-physical innate intelligence relies on the physical aspects of the brain and spinal cord to deliver the expression of life. We don't know how, but it is amazing.

When nervous system monitoring is disconnected from the body, illness results. Sometimes slowly and at other times quickly.

Most physical pain evolves from emotional pain that becomes physical. Emotional stress may not kill us but it takes its toll. Nervous system breakdown from the chemical changes of "unbalanced emotions" is a major factor in illness. We have an emotional shadow behind every aspect of our lives whether it is a neutral emotion or something else. And we certainly carry an emotional stamp when dealing with physical pain.

We can unlock the mystery of life through the chiropractic adjustment so the expression of life can flow more readily. We still can't manipulate everything about life, but we can cherish it.

So, back to my earlier statement, obsessing over symptoms allows us to bury the real reasons why we are cut off from our own precious life force. What are we burying?

My final answer is we are burying our awe inspiring feelings about the physical and non-physical connections that make us who we are. We do this by trying to assume control over our bodies in such a way that we create a mental barrier that adds more pain. Our desire for total control is causing us to stumble very badly.

I like to practice many different wellness habits such as exercising, eating sensibly, and getting adjusted. These routines don't guarantee perfection, but they help us maintain a calmness or balance so we get through the challenges of life. And challenge is a constant.

When you are getting adjusted, you invite reorganization into your life.

Not cures, not relief, not perfection. You invite reorganization. Sometimes things get messier before they get reorganized. It happens all the time on my desk and in my kitchen. What it does take is attention.

Getting adjusted means you are giving attention to your innate intelligence. Not cures, not relief, not perfection. I am passionate about sharing the messiness of reorganization with you so you are not alone on your journey.

Now I am giving you a special invitation:
I invite you to attend to your innate intelligence and experience a mental reorganization that sends a ripple effect throughout your physical and non-physical existence.

Pain is not a prerequisite for chiropractic. We use pain as a tool to understand that the body is begging for balance. Pain is not diagnosed for medical purposes. A chiro-detox plan is used to promote natural healing with innate intelligence in charge of the process.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sign of the Times and Facing Our Serious Health Issues: How a painful adjustment indicates stress neglect

It seems lately, I have had numerous people feeling sore or in pain after their latest adjustments.

Granted, I have not had my integrator to use, so I have been more "hands on" with everyone. I have also had people who were in pain after adjusting them with the integrator. It shows everyone responds differently when their stress is challenged.

It has now shown me something very significant and I encourage you to heed this important message.

Most people feel sore after an adjustment because old, persistent patterns need to be disrupted. It is like getting rid of an old habit. It is uncomfortable in the beginning. Even an abused person is in a comfort zone and does little to escape the danger because mental programming prevents the victim from imagining a way out.

So, when I am challenging someone's stress there will be a response. For most, the healing response is pleasant. For some it feels like regression. I feel now I have been missing out on the opportunity to tell people how toxic and stressed they really are because I've contributed to keeping folks in their unhelpful comfort zones.

People have told me they don't feel good after stretching or after a simple massage. There is a reason for it. Rather than accommodate that person with a gentler adjusting style, I need to provide more information about the condition of their health.

Chiropractors don't diagnose disease, but they can certainly point out the precursors to disease. Soreness and pain after an adjustment are serious indicators that the person is riddled with toxins resulting from accumulation of mechanical, chemical, and emotional stress.

I am calling it the Sign of the Times because we are more cognizant of new stresses resulting from the recession and the government's chaotic growing pains. People want to do less good for themselves to save a buck or two. Don't cut back on your natural health care habits. It is allowing the stressors to accumulate.

It is clearly seen in folks who come in for the first time or in the sporadic ones who don't consider the significance of routine chiropractic assisting their stress loads. When the stress response adds more toxins to the body, the nervous system is weakened. I cannot overemphasize the repercussions on health when the nervous system is overloaded.

I urge everyone to pay attention to the precursors to disease, not the disease once it surfaces. It can be too late at this point. That is why none of the major diseases are "cured." There is no cure for stress neglect. We must rely on detoxifying practices. Chiropractic is one the them.

It is only going to work for the folks who are interested in this explanation. It also requires being honest about their sources of stress. There is always something more to learn. I have learned from this. I am also reminded that we cannot take a break from our own self care practices, no matter what distracts us at the moment.

I invite everyone to take their chiropractic to a new level of understanding. I will be there with you.

Remember, you get to choose health freedom or health imprisonment.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Friday, October 16, 2009

Temporary Restraining Order Against Flu Shot Mandates

(PHOTO: Dr. Richard Daines, NYS DOH Commissioner/NY Times)

I received this in an email message today from and copied and pasted it here:

October 16, 2009 , 12:58 pm
Judge Halts Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Health Care Workers
By Sewell Chan AND Anemona Hartocollis

[Daniel Barry for The New York Times]

Dr. Richard F. Daines, the state health commissioner, issued the vaccination requirement in August.
Updated, 1:27 p.m. | A judge on Friday morning halted enforcement of a New York State directive requiring that all health care workers be vaccinated for the seasonal flu and swine flu.

The temporary restraining order by the judge, Thomas J. McNamara, an acting justice of the State Supreme Court in Albany, is likely to add to the growing debate about the flu vaccine.

Justice McNamara scheduled a hearing on the case for Oct. 30.
On Aug. 13, the state health commissioner, Dr. Richard F. Daines, through the State Hospital Review and Planning Council, issued a regulation ordering health care workers to be vaccinated by Nov. 30 or face fines.

Dr. Daines said at the time:

Questions about safety and claims of personal preference are understandable. Given the outstanding efficacy and safety record of approved influenza vaccines, our overriding concern then, as health care workers, should be the interests of our patients, not our own sensibilities about mandates. On this, the facts are very clear: the welfare of patients is, without any doubt, best served by the very high rates of staff immunity that can only be achieved with mandatory influenza vaccination – not the 40-50 percent rates of staff immunization historically achieved with even the most vigorous of voluntary programs. Under voluntary standards, institutional outbreaks occur every flu season. Medical literature convincingly demonstrates that high levels of staff immunity confer protection on those patients who cannot be or have not been effectively vaccinated themselves, while also allowing the institution to remain more fully staffed.

Terence L. Kindlon, a lawyer for three nurses who sued the state, asserting that the order violated their civil rights, said the judge’s ruling was a victory. New York was the only state in the country to mandate vaccinations for health care workers, he said.

The nurses — Lorna Patterson, Kathryn Dupuis and Stephanie Goertz — work in the emergency room at Albany Medical Center, a regional trauma unit.

“These are not libertarians, they are not lefties, they are not right-wing lunatics,” Mr. Kindlon said of his clients in a phone interview on Friday. “They are health care professionals, and they think the vaccination is not going to be good for them. They have no confidence that either the seasonal flu vaccine or H1N1 vaccine is going to do any good for them.”

Justice McNamara consolidated the nurses’ suit with two other lawsuits, brought by the New York State Public Employees Federation and the New York State United Teachers Union, which also challenged the regulation.

Mr. Kindlon said of his clients: “They basically were being administratively ambushed. This regulation came out of the Health Department during the dog days of August. People weren’t aware of it until September. Then they were suddenly advised that the drop-dead rate for receiving the vaccination from the state was Nov. 30.”
The hospital imposed its own deadline — mid-October — for vaccinations for its employees, Mr. Kindlon said.

The state is all but certain to fight the lawsuits and seek enforcement of the mandate. At a legislative hearing on Tuesday, Dr. Guthrie Birkhead, a state deputy health commissioner, defended the mandate, saying, “Health care settings are no different than any other setting where vaccination is the most effective method of preventing influenza.”

The issue of mandatory vaccinations has divided health care workers and even experts. The New York State Nurses Association, for example, has been monitoring the situation but not taken an official position against the requirement.

The Public Employees Federation, which has about 5,000 members covered by the regulations, said it encouraged its members to be vaccinated against the flu but opposed making the vaccine a condition of employment.

Patricia Finn, a lawyer for Suzanne Field, a nurse from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., who has filed a lawsuit in State Supreme Court in Manhattan challenging the mandatory vaccinations, said on Friday that her case would proceed despite the Albany restraining order, but added about the temporary restraining order:

We’re absolutely thrilled about it. I’m very pleased that the whole process has been slowed down. That’s what we’re so concerned about, the process of vaccinating. It’s not like getting your teeth cleaned; it’s pretty serious. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we were happy about this.


Protect your health freedom. Stay on top of news like this and support the lawsuits.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pay Close Attention to these Lawsuits

We must follow the events related to madated flu vaccines for health care workers very closely. Government agencies are taking away our civil rights regardless of the protections we deserve through the constitution. This is not just a problem for health care workers. This is a problem for all of us who value our freedom.

This is a recent email I received from at
Protect your health freedom,
Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Ralph Fucetola JD is a lawyer who is working on a legal challege to the NYS mandate requring virtually all health care workers in the state to receive the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines. He was a speaker and organizer of yesterday's rally at the State Capitol. He posted the message below on the mandate discussion forum at:*


Awesome Rally yesterday! Thank you all for making it happen. The end of the mandate began yesterday.

There are two lawsuits that could impact the mandates.

#1. Bob Krakow's challenge to the "emergency" regulations through the New York state courts. This is your main hope to stop the mandate. Please support this action.

Now that we know, from the mouth of the Commish of Public Health, that no religious objection applies, the courts may even be more interested.

Further, with the regulation abrogating to the CDC the power to mandate vaccines (since all flu vaccines recommended by CDC become part of the mandate) there is some case law that states cannot surrender the police power to a federal agency.

So you do have a good chance on the "emergency" regulation.

#2. As I announced at the Rally, there will be a federal lawsuit filed, this week I hope, that will challenge the licensing of the swine flu vaccines.

What I didn't know yesterday was that the federal appeals court in DC was issuing, yesterday, a long-awaited decision in the military mandated Anthrax vaccination case. The court held that the plaintiffs in that case, 8 military people, did not have "standing" to sue because they did not allege how they were being harmed by the licensing of that vaccine.

This means that our federal case must allege how the plaintiffs are being harmed and that we must include a couple individuals in NY who are at risk. So I'll be reaching out to some of the Rally organizers to get a representative sample for that case.

Here is our logic to argue "standing" (the right to sue) in the federal case:

1. NY mandates all flu vaccines for all healthcare workers, no religious exemption.

2. NY includes in mandate all future flu vaccines recommended by CDC.

3. FDA licenses swine flu vaccines.

4. CDC recommends same, thereby triggering mandate.

Therefore, the licensing is a necessary prerequisite to the (recommending and) the mandate.

Consequently, the mandated healthcare workers have standing to challenge the licensing.

Ralph Fucetola JD

PS - check out the YouTube of my rally speech (I'm also going to put together a collage video of bits and pieces from the other speeches and I suspect Dr. Null will have a very professional video made from all the presentations).
Speech from You Tube


Monday, September 28, 2009

Rally in Albany: Flu Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers has Numerous Flaws

There will be a rally in Albany, NY, Tues. Sept. 29th to protest the mandated flu vaccine for health care workers.
Health care workers will be fired if they don't get the flu vaccine and the NYS Nurses Association is against this measure for many reasons. They have a hotline set up because they are inudated with phone calls.
There are only a few reasons you can be exempt. Click here for the form.
Apparently, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients, such as eggs, you can be exempt. I feel we are all allergic to mercury, aluminum, and adjuvants.

I am very concerned because we all want good health, but the government cannot force it upon us especially if they are mandating unscientific methods. I have contacted my three local NYS law makers and let them know they never had the chance to vote on this and we never had a voice. I don't agree with the health commissioner that we should do the noble thing that will protect our patients. Patients can refuse the flu vaccine and their health care workers should have the same right.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Subluxation Meter - Grade Yourself

Subluxation Meter

Grade yourself...

How are your subluxations?
Are they accumulating or are you clearing them out in a timely manner?

Interference + Time = Chronic Subluxations

On a scale of 1 - 5. You want to be #1

1 & 2 are silent subluxations
3 & 4 & 5 are LOUD subluxations

1. Routine - you are getting adjusted once a week and supporting your adjustments with Nutrition and Exercise.

2. Inconsistent - your healing activities are inconsistent and you are sick, sore, stiff, tired, sleeping poorly, and stressed. Get back into an adjusting routine.

3. PAIN - you are overdue--get adjusted- you have accelerated degeneration

4. Incapacitated - you have severe damage- Get adjusted and don't underestimate the healing response.

5. DEAD ..... nothing more I can say here.

you get to choose.

Dr Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


How to Break Through

Live fully with Advanced Chiropractic.

1. Fired up -- with a finely tuned nervous system. Get adjusted once a week. It's called Advanced Lifetime Care.

2. Fueled up -- get the right nutrition that detoxes and energizes you. Get adjusted so nutrients get delivered throughout your body. Learn more at a TEA (teach, empower, act) party

3. Fit filled -- Exercise daily. Use it or lose it. Get adjusted so you are moving properly with ease and efficiency, preventing injury.

RAMP it up to see results.
R - routine
A - augment -- add small challenges to your routine
M - motivate -- always affirm the higher purpose of good health
P - Plan and participate in life-don't sit on the sidelines.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Would you stop a miracle in progress?

I am trying to do a better job communicating how the nervous system is the miracle that makes us who we are. I became a doctor of chiropractic so I could help people release nervous system blockages that steal health. The biggest blockage I see is a poor awareness with plenty of fear. I want to remove these blockages.

I adjust people so they can release the mental and physical stresses that wear down nerves and block the power of innate intelligence. I went to chiropractic school and happened to learn tons of other stuff that doesn’t help me adjust people. In fact, it just confuses people. I like learning new things, but in my quest to make use of it this extra knowledge, I have wasted too much precious time. I have prevented people from experiencing the miracles that occur when spinal tension is released. I won’t do it anymore.

Many chiropractors concentrate on how the nervous system helps muscles and joints. I am moved to take it farther. My focus is on how the nervous system affects personal empowerment and self-worth.

We all have a God given innate intelligence that helps us heal and thrive. It is the same nonphysical force that allows a seed to remain dormant all winter and then germinate when the right conditions are present. Within us, our innate intelligence works in concert with the nervous system regulating important functions that keep us alive. Personality and life choices are influenced by the nervous system. Because the spine is so intricately involved with the nervous system, daily stress on the spine changes how we participate in life.

Please, don’t let people miss out on the chiropractic experience. Don’t decide who needs to go to the chiropractor. Don’t judge by someone’s age, healthiness, or sickness.

Pain or pain-free.

Disease or disease-free.

It does not matter.

When I get adjusted regularly, I think better, I get more done, and I am a more loving person.

• You are a living miracle because of innate intelligence.
• The miracle of the adjustment is that it can influence human potential.

Don’t get bogged down by any other “chiropractic/medical jargon.” Nurture the miracle by getting adjusted and making it a regular habit.

P.S. Don’t interrupt miracles.

Adjust your self-empowerment
---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What the swine flu is really teaching us

Please visit this site for the full article:
What the swine flu is really teaching us.

Remember, you get to choose.....choose now before someone else chooses for you.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Saturday, September 05, 2009

50 Conditions that Look Like ADHD

Visit this site I cannot do it justice.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Happy Labor Day Weekend: May Your Work Be Your Calling

Dear Wellness Enthusists:

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Remember, there are 10,080 minutes in a week. Give your spine 15 minutes (or less with the new office procedures)and make the rest of your week that much better!

Really, I can adjust you in five minutes with the new Preferred Chiropractic Doctor Network. If we do not involve a third party payer I don’t have to do a re-exam, the paperwork is less cumbersome, and you don’t need a symptomatic reason to receive an adjustment.

Kick Out the Intruders

I have a strong dislike for insurance (for chiropractic) because it won’t pay for chronic, recurring problems that would certainly get worse without maintenance care. Because of insurance intrusion, the cost of chiropractic care is needlessly inflated.

If you are well educated on the real purpose of chiropractic, it doesn't need to be complicated.

8 Principles of Advanced Chiropractic
1. God (innate) is the healer.

2. Interference is the cause of dis-ease -- interference with the life flow and interference with the lifestyle.

3. Without lifetime, consistent maintenance everything decays -- especially the spine!

4. I move the bone, God (innate) does the healing.

5. It's my responsibility to share the truth of what we do for a sick, suffering, dying world.

6. People don't know what they don't know, so it's my job to lovingly share the truth of chiropractic with everyone.

7. Real change starts on the inside with a change of heart and mind.

8. Chiropractic is a helping hand. I will lend my helping hand with each adjustment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kraft Keeps Giving US the Crap!

Kraft took out artificial coloring and aspartame in their macaroni & cheese shipped to Europe, but we still get it here in the U.S.

Why? I guess they know we don't pay attention.


The culture of sickness is "alive and well" when we don't pay attention.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chiropractic is Making Me C*R*A*Z*Y

Yes, you read that correctly.

Chiropractic is making me crazy. Actually, chiropractic college, credit renewal, and state boards, and the other governing bodies that tell America what chiropractic is frustrate me.

Well, that's a long list. Time to take aim and hit hard.

There are so many chiropractic specialities out there that makes it so confusing. Who knows what he or she needs? The only commonality among chiropractors is that we adjust the spine for nervous system promotion and do not use drugs or surgery. That's it. That's the similarity and it ends there. It seems as if chiropractors who use everything under the sun can call it chiropractic as long as it is not drugs and surgery.

The problem is I have been exposed to so many "extras" that it is overwhelming for me. I can only imagine how it feels for you.

I went to chiropractic school for one thing: to help people psychologically live within their own skin because I worked with people who invalidated themselves. They hated themselves, developed a learned helplessness.... and basically did not believe they knew how to make a healthy decision for themselves so they let others make decisions for them.

Most of us do it when we enter the health care arena. We listen to one opinion that usually has the same underlying message: "You are not adequate."

Chiropractic helps us get back in touch with our intelligent design. You were given at birth what you needed to flourish: innate intelligence communicating through the nervous system.

The body heals itself.

The adjustment helps the body return to ease. We move the bones of the spine. The body does the rest.

It is because of its simplicity that people reject it.

"No way, it couldn't be...We need complicated procedures and technology to make us better."

If your chiropractor does "extras," I hope it is something educational so you learn more about yourself.

Return to ease. That's it.

Remember, you get to choose (for now).

Protect your health freedom.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Friday, August 07, 2009

Pay Attention and I Will Prove It to You

There is a culture of sickness fed by fear, intimidation, and learned helplessness. I will spout this from the roof tops. Just give me a ladder.

Remember last week when I published my three rules for true health care reform?

Rule #1 - You don’t need overpriced technology to get healthy.Ask Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. John McDougall. They have cleared out clogged arteries without bypass surgery.

Rule #2 – Drugs manipulate a body process at the expense of other parts of the body. We all know it. We’re just too afraid to try something safer because it takes longer to see results or it takes a personal commitment to change our habits. Or we just don’t care. (Remember, the opposite of care is neglect) We take drugs at our own risk. Don’t wait for a class action lawsuit to save us. And, don't be fooled by the term maintenance drugs. They drastically impair your quality of life.

Rule #3 – Psychological stress is the most damaging to our bodies but we go out of our way to pile more of it senselessly into our lives. We give in to societal pressure and harm ourselves. Admit it. We believe if we can’t beat ‘em we just join ‘em.

There is a culture of sickness fed by fear, intimidation, and learned helplessness. I will spout this from the roof tops. Just give me a ladder.

I invite you to join Dr. Mercola in his World Tapping Summit.


Rule #1 - It's free and you can teach it to yourself
Rule #2 - It is not a drug
Rule #3 - It will combat the psychological abuse we put on ourselves

There, it passes the 3 step snuff test.

Here is the link for Dr. Mercola's World Tapping Summit.

Remember you get to chose....and choose now before someone chooses for you.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bill Frist Knows Health Care Reform Should Focus on Health NOT Sickness

Bill Frist, who is a medical doctor and U.S. Senator from Tennessee from 1995-2007, was on the news shows recently. He stated the problem is behaviors. Better health habits would reduce the cost of health care (...oops, I mean sickness care). With the right support from health coaches, people can improve their health over time. It takes longer than a drug but it is authentic and more meaningful. Coaching is different from "treating" so you have to find a professional who will focus on positive change. Most treatments are one size fits all and expects fast results. For example a drug can lower your cholesterol in about 30 days but that doesn't change the vitality of your arteries and heart. In the case of statins, they weaken the heart.

I'd love to write to Dr. Frist and give him my support but I can't find his email and don't know how to contact his PR person. Perhaps later in the day when I have more time to search.

For now, I went to and reiterated what he said with some additional information about genetics.

With these web forms keeping it "short and concise" is ideal. You can read here the message I sent:

"Bill Frist, MD, was on Fox and Friends talking about health care reform not working to help people even if it is paid for because the real problem behind sickness is behavior. He states 40% is behavior and 30% is genetics. I don't believe the genetics number because science now shows you can change your DNA with diet, emotional health, and chiropractic care. Bill Frist is still right. Over 70% of our health depends on behavior. Paying for sickness care makes it easier to behave badly. That's about it. I understand the food, restaurant, tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries will take offense and our constitutional rights come into question as individuals and business owners don’t want more taxes. Reward health, not sickness. Incentives are better than taxes."

I should have edited it more. Run-on sentences is my downfall. Anyway, my vision is still strong. Join me in the Breakthrough Wellness Program: Personal Power Health Care Reform.

Remember, you get to choose, for now. Protect your right to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Create Purpose


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are You A Strain on the Health Care System?

(Remember I am taking aim and hitting hard.)

My Breakthrough Wellness Program that is starting this fall has a mission to take people out of the current health care system, provide them with quality of life and get rid of the fear culture that has put our health in danger.

Politicians and the public are in a panic over paying for health care for everyone. This panic has forced us to focus on the wrong area of health: actual health. We are so scared of sickness that this obsession is making us sick.

Yes, hospitals and clinics are overburdened with sick people, but it doesn't have to be that way. While the government is asking us to sacrifice our financial well-being for a large health care system full of more pencil pushers, these folks don't understand how they are reinforcing more of the same: sickness.

I have never heard so much negativity. Yes, people get sick, but most of it is preventable and would take the burden off our current system.

*** You could be a strain on the health care system.
*** Even if you have "suitable" insurance you could still be a strain on the health care system.
*** Being a strain on the health care system means your own life is stressed and strained and you are not enjoying quality of life.

The health care system focuses on sickness. The more often you go...the sicker you are. The current health care system promotes drugs that make you sicker and surgeries that are more dangerous than beneficial. Medical doctors who are members of the Life Extension Foundation admit this.

Here is an excerpt:
Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government-sanctioned medicine is the real hazard.

Until now, Life Extension could cite only isolated statistics to make its case about the dangers of conventional medicine. No one had ever analyzed and combined ALL of the published literature dealing with injuries and deaths caused by government-protected medicine. That has now changed.

If you go to the hospital, once you are discharged you should be off all the drugs they used to treat you. If not, you are set up for more sickness because the real preventable problems have not been addressed.

And, does anyone in the current health care system remind you to keep your body's survival system finely tuned? NO, because they have no clue about it.

That is why I am introducing my Personal Power Health Care Reform that focuses on the worst societal health problem: Reinforcing Fear.

My Breakthrough Wellness Program addresses this:

(1) Validating Aging
Getting older means getting better. Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to combat the subtle age discrimination that is everywhere especially in the health care system

(2) Healthy Family Values
Good survival skills for a lifetime used to be common sense. It's time to put sense back in to our family life. We are taught at a young age that failure is inevitable especially failing health. It's the worst myth that makes us sick as soon as we are born.

Join me in my new programs and shock the health care culture!!

** Well Senior/Well Boomer
** Well Senior at Home
** Healthy Family Values

If you are not consistently pursuing nervous system (survival system) wellness, you are a strain on the health care system.

Remember, you get to choose. And choose now before someone else does.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Coach

Health Freedom couldn't be more relevant than it is today.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taking Aim & Hitting Hard: Health Care Reform --- The Dangerous Burden

From the Desk of Dr. Lisa Ann Homic:

I am taking aim and hitting hard!
I am taking aim with my best weapon: education.
I will hit the target: wasted money on useless health care.

The health care system is keeping us sick!! Finding ways to pay for more of the same is ridiculous and dangerous!

Face it, paying for it from a common public fund is not going to work.

We have forgotten:

1. Healthy living is affordable
2. Sickness is expensive
3. Death is free

Emergency care is important and we still need hospitals, but most hospitalizations are preventable. Health care reform should really be shrinking our hospitals and putting some out of business.

All this talk in the news about health care reform is really getting to me. Is it getting to you too? The discussions and sound bytes are about paying for the most expensive procedures and tests. Operations and MRI’s are not cheap there is no doubt about it. But why are we so focused on sickness?

Yes, it costs a whole lot to be sick.
It also costs a whole lot to scare us about being sick.

Saving money is about not getting sick!

If you really want to face the truth about health care reform you have to know the difference between sick care and health care. There is very little health care in the conversation.

Insurance is not a guarantee of health

I’ve heard both sides of the arguments. Supposedly, people without insurance are not healthy. But people with health insurance are not healthy either. Some of the sickest people I know have superb health insurance coverage. Did anyone consider that some people without insurance might be taking better care of themselves to avoid sickness?

Let’s forget about who will and won’t be taxed
for this free health care…
…Let’s talk about making healthy living choices.

I’ve been in health care for 16 years and have come to some basic conclusions:

Rule #1 - You don’t need fancy technology to get healthy.
Ask Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. John McDougall. They have cleared out clogged arteries without bypass surgery.

Rule #2 – Drugs manipulate a body process at the expense of other parts of the body. We all know it. We’re just too afraid to try something safer because it takes longer to see results or it takes a personal commitment to change our habits. Or we just don’t care. (Remember, the opposite of care is neglect) We take drugs at our own risk. Don’t wait for a class action lawsuit to save us. And, don't be fooled by the term maintenance drugs. They drastically impair your quality of life.

Rule #3 – Psychological stress is the most damaging to our bodies but we go out of our way to pile more of it senselessly into our lives. We give in to societal pressure and harm ourselves. Admit it. We believe if we can’t beat ‘em we just join ‘em.

Ready for Real Health? Join me with Personal Power Health Care Reform.

Go back to the office website and learn about my three new breakthrough wellness programs:
** Well Senior/Well Boomer: Validating Aging
** Well Senior at Home: Always Validating Aging
** Healthy Family Values: Just Say No to Stress-Together

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Self Hate & the First Principle

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the 8 Principles of Advanced Chiropractic.

Let's look at Principle #1

God (innate) is the healer.

Chiropractic has a philosophy that recognizes the body and mind are able to heal automatically under nurturing circumstances. Chiropractors use the term "interference" to describe anything that does not permit the natural course of homeostasis to occur.

Science can attest to this fact by watching a cell naturally divide. It does this without any direction from us. We don't have to instruct the body to do anything. It breathes, digests, circulates blood, etc. without any action on our part.

How about instantly making a baby? We can't do it. (Stop chuckling.) We still need an egg and a sperm. No one knows how to create an egg and a sperm.

Our body's innate intelligence is given to us by God. It is always there. God has given us the natural ability to heal.

What happens when we forget this important fact? What happens when we let other things get in the way....interference? We let a lot of mental interference get in the way of our living a vital and full life.

When we doubt our abilities, they become weakened. You've already proven that to yourself many times.

When we don't feel good about our bodies, we develop self hate. This is a very strong and destructive emotion. People show off their self hate in ways that almost seem socially acceptable:

Over Eating
Over Spending
Over Working
And anything else that damages your health

One of the biggest signs of self-hate is ignoring your own health and wellness. Many other things interfere and we procrastinate. Problems cannot be solved overnight. But there is a better path to take for the journey.

God (innate) being the healer is the first and most important principle that needs to be embraced before getting on any chiropractor's adjusting table. Chiropractor's want to watch everyone thrive. Please have the same vision.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa

--Your health freedom coach


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cancer Screening: Not Saving Lives

"If you look outside the body, you will be let down each and every time." --Dr. Lisa

Dr. Julian Whitaker has made an unpopular statement about the problems with cancer screenings. If cancer screenings were so great, cancer would be a thing of the past. READ The Myth of Cancer Screening Here

After you read Dr. Whitaker's article you are going to wonder, "What now?"

There is plenty we can do about cancer.

#1 - Get adjusted with Advanced-Lifetime-Care. There is an important reason my office is an Advanced-Lifetime-Care office. People who are adjusted regularly have shown to have healthier DNA. Can you feel your DNA failing you? Not really. Read about the study on DNA and chiropractic. Getting adjusted is easy. Almost too easy. People seem to want something complicated. It just takes commitment--about 5-10 minutes a week. Advanced-Lifetime-Care is also designed to be affordable. Cancer treatment is not.

#2 - Get your nutrition from diet and supplements. The best way to deal with cancer is with a strong body that can heal itself. Chemicals just don't do it. Surgery can cut out cancerous tissues but it will likely come back because the cellular insults that spur cancer proliferation are not addressed.

#3 - Heal your emotions with a realistic attitude. Change yourself and stop changing others. Enjoy life moment by moment. The past is over and the future will never be the way you imagine it. Harboring useless "stuff" allows cancer to be harbored in the body. Read A New View of Cancer.

#4 - Believe in the healing power of the body.
If you look outside the body you will be let down each and every time.

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Cancer is not a Disease

You've tried try a nutritional cleanse.


How a spider bite created a miracle

Scientist John Anderson who formulated over 2500 nutritional products became blind and suffered organ failure due to a bite from a brown recluse. He is alive and well thanks to his tenacity and a discovery that lead him on a journey all over the world for healing plants. You can learn about that discovery and find out why he chose certain ingredients to create his life saving tonic.


You don't have to search the world for it. Get it here.

Why is this so important to me? We can no longer go to the grocery store to find healthy fruits and vegetables. Picking something straight out of your garden is a little bit better, but nothing can be grown toxic free. Also, our fresh produce is very depleted in nutrients.

So, don't stop eating healthy foods, but supplement with something that will take the strain off your body.

A nutritional cleanse is not a fast. A fast gives your digestive tract a break, but it also deprives the body of nutrients. A cleanse boosts the body nutrients. With Ionix Supreme you have access to incredible nutrients.

What is nutritional cleansing?

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Principles of Advanced Chiropractic

Advanced chiropractic describes that extra step chiropractors and their practice members take to validate their lives. It is a commitment to personal purpose.

I don't look at chiropractic as a treatment for back problems. You are more than a back.

Chiropractic is a tool to align your life with your purpose.

My 8 Principles of Advanced Chiropractic
1. God (innate) is the healer.

2. Interference is the cause of dis-ease -- interference with the life flow and interference with the lifestyle.

3. Without lifetime, consistent maintenance everything decays -- especially the spine!

4. I move the bone, God (innate) does the healing.

5. It's my responsibility to share the truth of what we do for a sick, suffering, dying world.

6. People don't know what they don't know, so it's my job to lovingly share the truth of chiropractic with everyone.

7. Real change starts on the inside with a change of heart and mind.

8. Chiropractic is a helping hand. I will lend my helping hand with each adjustment.

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C.

Special thanks to Dr. David Dick


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not Feeling Well? Tell Splenda to Split!

• Splenda/Sucralose: An artificial sweetener that may destroy up to 50 percent of your healthy intestinal bacteria, which are necessary to help maintain your body's overall balance of friendly versus unfriendly micro-organisms, and support your general health.
What else do you need to know about keeping your intestinal bacteria healthy?


Who Is On Board with Wellness?

"I will teach others to grow from stagnation to elevation through chiropractic empowerment because our health freedom is at risk and chiropractic provides a profound transformation."

This is my reaffirmed mission statement for Homic Advanced Chiropractic. The focus is on nervous system awareness as a brighter option to much of disempowering health care.

Sometimes I feel like Tom Cruise in the movie, Jerry McGuire when he asks who is on board with him. Everyone stares blankly at him because they don't want to come forward and risk embarrassment.

Risk Embarrassment?
The risk here in the health care arena is much worse than some fabricated embarrassment. How about poor health that steals happiness and Independence?

Our attitudes about health insurance ranks up there as a serious division between good health and poor health. Like Tom Cruise, sometimes I don't know who is on board with good health.

Health insurance is the major problem because the public has this notion that the only way they can afford health care is with insurance. As we look at the drain of chronic illness on society, insurance is truly important for life saving procedures but everyday health is a sensible out of pocket expense. Natural health care providers understand that this is a crucial concept to teach to the public. Paul Zane Pilzer talks about these same issues in an interview he gave a few years ago. See how well his predictions have come true over the years. READ HERE.

Paul Zane Pilzer discuses how health care is completely opposite of every other industry. Technology should help prices go down, but they are actually going up and no one, (individual or employee) can afford them.

Employer Sponsored Health Care will be phased out in the next 20 years.

Paul Zane Pilzer recommends families get out of the company plan. He has a point because families are going broke paying for health insurance but not getting healthier. If you aren't receiving life saving procedures everyday, you can buy a cheaper plan and save the extra money for wellness and prevention.

Paul Zane Pilzer is a great chiropractic promoter. He wasn't in the beginning. When his popular book, The Wellness Revolution, came out. Chiropractors were upset that the profession was left out. Many chiropractic leaders let him know they were disappointed. And guess what? He got under care after they taught him about the vitalistic principle of nervous system awareness and his whole family is under regular care. He even wrote a book about making chiropractic care affordable.

So, it just goes to show with a little education, lives can be changed for the better.

So, like Jerry McGuire, I wonder who is on board with the wellness message of chiropractic. It's hard to tell because my goal is to get people in and out the office so they can live their lives busily with vitality. I learn a lot from the questions people ask. I also know the chiropractic story is being told when practice members send in their friends and loved ones so they, too, can live better lives through chiropractic empowerment.

And I thank you for doing that. I will keep you posted on important health care information and share how chiropractic can continue to improve your lives.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

You've tried everything, now try a nutritional cleanse.



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fake god: Prescription Drugs

If you are taking a minimal amount of prescription drugs and you think you are safe, don't feel so secure. True health reform starts by reforming our mind-set.

The rumors are out regarding Michael Jackson's death. He had incredible access to pain killers. He suffered a fractured vertebra. If it healed poorly it would explain why someone would seek anything out to feel better. It can get out of control, especially with easy access and a society that condones the pharmacy market. This societal permissiveness is dangerous! And it is quite sneaky...

TV commercials make drugs look like wonderful products that make life so much easier. Medicare Part D now pays for drugs. Insurance companies pay for drugs. Walmart and other discount stores provide drugs for $4. Like this is a miraculous deal!

We are not getting healthier. In fact, many of us are dying.
Properly prescribed and administered drugs according the medical standard of care kills a significant number of people.
[Source: Journal of American Med. Assoc, July 26, 2000; Nov. 1, 2000; p 484; West J Med. June, 2000, 172(6):390-3. Visit]

I detested drugs long before I became a chiropractor, but I really saw how dangerous they were to self esteem when I was a mental health counselor. People believe the lie that they are defective. Drug use (drugs of all kind..) lead us to self-hate. We feel like we have no control over our own lives. We feel like failures. The body wasn't meant to fail us. We just forgot what it really takes to nurture it.

I know there is more to Michael Jackson's tragic death and I feel sorry for him. But this is another example of our twisted beliefs about obtaining health. If he was working out to get ready for his upcoming tour and was taking these drugs at the same time, that was an awful combination.

What I wish I knew was how were his subluxations being taken care of? What was his diet like? What nutritional supplements could have restored tissue health decreasing his pain? What other mental or physical stressor was he ignoring every time he popped a pill into his mouth? What kinds of stresses were destroying his nervous (survival) system? Remember, he didn't die of cardiac arrest. No one dies of disease. His nervous system was no longer able to support his heart.

Health care reform is focusing on more of the same: this lack of confidence in the body so we must fund disease care. I am afraid we will all be disappointed by the outcome of health care reform because our leaders insist on making drugs cheaper somehow.

The book, The China Study, shows rates of heart attacks have been the same since the 1950's. Our use of mechanical correction to repair "Humpty Dumpty's heart" has postponed death in emergency cases, but the truth is the health of the heart and arteries remain unchanged due to diet and the side effects of drugs. The arteries fill right back up with plaque unless diet is addressed.

True health care reform will occur when we re-form our thinking. Our leaders want to continue mainstream health care and try to look creative with the tax money. We must change our views about how we live. We need to look at life style changes. We need to place more emphasis on the nervous system.

In my office we always emphasize the nervous system. It gets difficult at times because we are so stuck on our symptomatic approach. I have to avoid getting sucked into the symptom storm otherwise I stop providing something that is different.

Your continued dedication to your spinal health for the best nervous (survival) system will make chiropractic become the new mainstream health care.

Chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away. The beautifully illustrates how well equipped we are to live a vitalistic life.

Stop the self-hate. Learn how the body truly works.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Go Another Day Toxic?

Peter Greenlaw gave a great talk last Wednesday, June 17, 2009. This is his second time in Auburn and the reception was wonderful. We were lucky to get him. He was in Albany the day before and headed out to Boston the day after. Hopefully, we'll get him back in town because this message needs to reach every person.

The message is: no matter how healthy we eat, we are still toxic. Even organically grown produce is toxic. I hated to admit that because I am so pro-nature, but the truth is we can't avoid all the toxins in our food, air, and water.

No offense, ladies.
The Inuit women at the North Pole have such contamination in their breast milk that they can be considered toxic waste dumps! It doesn't matter where you live anymore.

The Beauty of the Body
As good as you can eat, you still need to cleanse the body. The beauty is in our bodies because if you have the perfect nutrient intake your body cleanses automatically. This is our innate intelligence at work.

But don't live under a false sense of security
When the body is toxic, fat cells wrap themselves around toxins and expand as toxicity increases. This walls off the toxins. Also the body retains water to keep these toxins diluted. Thin people are still toxic, however. MRI studies have shown this.

Stop Dieting
Restricting food intake is the "old" way of losing weight which can have good results initially, but without adequate nutrition the body won't be able to naturally cleanse, so the weight balloons back up again. How about that plateau where you are stuck at the same weight and body shape? Yep, that's toxins causing the body to hang on to fat. Toxic fat just won't burn off.

So where do you get the perfect nutrient intake?

Today, you need to eat 12 apples to obtain the nutrition in one apple that was grown thirty years ago. Do you feel like eating 12 apples? I can eat two, then, I am quickly full (but not nutrient repleted). Now, we are easily getting full with today's food supply, but the brain wants more because it needs nutrients to initiate metabolic processes.

A starving brain gets so excited, brain cells die. This happens when we eat more than the daily intake of sugar. We have replaced our food supply with high fructose corn syrup. I bet most households have a few fruit selections on hand, but the corn syrup abounds. Whenever you read "high fructose corn syrup" think of brain starvation and toxic buildup.

Supplement your healthy food intake with a natural cleanse.
There's that dirty word again: supplement. But, the argument should be over by now. Right, Dr. Dean Edell?

We need an advanced from of nutrients that you can't get in the grocery store. It starts with high quality protein and includes abundant trace minerals and enzymes.

I've found a product that exceeded my expectations and actually saves me money on groceries.

Group Cleanse Coming Up
Don't go another day toxic. Join the practice in a group cleanse in two weeks. As a personal challenge to yourself, purchase the 9 Day Cleanse from Isagenix and join a group support effort. We'll start Monday, July 13, 2009. I will set up a special blog site for comment sharing and on-going tips. I will hold conference calls by phone so you can participate from home.

Be sure to order your product in time by July 13, 2009. It takes about four business days to ship.
I will help you make an order or you can go directly to this site

After Peter Greenlaw's talk, many people wanted to learn more about the products. I can provide information for you and you can also read about it on the website. But, I've got to say it: there's no reason to go another day toxic, sick, and miserable.

Keep it simple. Start with the 9 Day Cleanse and wait for it to arrive at your door. I'll take you on the rest of the journey.

Jump right in with us! I have many great testimonials already from people who gave up and decided to just love the body they're in. Why love the toxins you're in?????

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Don't be overwhelmed. Be cleansed.

You've heard many other weight loss progrmas, but it is not about weight. It is about toxins loading you down.

What Montel Williams Says About Alternative Health

Dr. Lisa ponders, "Having health insurance doesn't mean you should always use it."

In the July 2009 issue (not available online yet, but later you can visit, Montel Williams talks about how well he is doing despite being given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

At age 52 he is working out at the gym 90 minutes a day. Not quite the prediction his doctor gave him. He was told to stop exercising and get used to life in a wheel chair. Of course he was angry to hear this from his doctor after being misdiagnosed for a long time.

He admits he ate a lot of junk food until a fitness teacher told him he was eating garbage. Today, he not only works out for 90 minutes, he eats a 65% raw, liquid diet and 35% cooked food. He takes many different whole food supplements, natural hormones and a specific prescription for MS.

The most interesting part of the article is his attitude toward others' attitudes when it comes to his natural health regime. If a doctor doesn't agree with what he is doing, he finds another doctor.

Sadly, he has seen people who were diagnosed around the same time he was diagnosed but they are doing much worse. When he talks to them about it, they announce that their doctors told them not to use supplements.

I think it is a poor reason to not investigate something. Montel Williams is not the first person to resort to proper fueling of the body to heal it. The Gerson clinic in Mexico is based on it. But remember, you get to choose. Always seek and learn.

Montel Williams also uses chiropractic care. He talked about it on his show and his chiropractor adjusted him on the air. Watch here.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.
--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Living Well with Montel

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Nervous System is First Again: The Chiropractic Wake Up

In the book, Fun is Good: How to Create Joy & Passion in Your Workplace & Career, pg 3 has a profound sentence:

"Most of us take the wrong approach to our career. We look at what's out there , and try to fit ourselves to a role. Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

I did it! I confess. Sitting in the career office in high school waiting to meet with my guidance counselor who told me which schools I should try to attend. In my last semeseter of college I wrote the kind of resume I was told would get me the job. I looked for jobs!

I tried to fit into something. But we weren't made that way by God's infinite intelligence. We are all different genetically and spiritually. But we try to be something already copied by someone else.

The author, Mike Veeck, teaches his readers how to follow their own ideas of how they should desisgn their careers. He suggests employers should allow for more individuality and creativity.

This can be applied to health care, too. Our health care options are so predictable that the country is now calling for universal health care. "Medical standard of care" allows for little discussion or difference of opinion. Alternative health care is still called unproven although I know that is very inaccurate.

To me what is now called alternative health care was really in the mainstream a short 150 years ago. I have noticed chiropractic is rarely included in the alternative health care category. Mostly you hear about massage, acupuncture, nutrition, energy medicine, but not chiropractic. Yet, chiropractic is not included in medicine and dentistry, the so-called mainstream, either.

Chiropractic stands alone in a category all its own. I hope it stays that way. Now that I have spent too many years trying to fit in. Now it is the time to stand alone.

I don't really have to stand alone. I have a group of practice members who realize the difference between the medical, outside in approach and the chiropractic, inside out approach to wellness.

All health, healing, and existence are centered around mind-spine-intelligent desgin. The nervous system was formed first in utero. Sadly, the nervous system isn't first to most people. For those who decided to break away, the nervous system is first again.

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach.

Create Purpose

Sunday, June 07, 2009

There are 4 Rules with 'Advanced Chiropractic'

It is common knowledge that chiropractic works very well for back pain and neck pain. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. It almost bores me because the full scope of chiropractic is much more life changing when it is understood.

I can "pop" your bones and help your back sprain go away faster. That's what insurance companies want. But insurance is not focused on promoting health. Insurance is only about the present moment and how much it is worth to them. Insurance officers want to keep more money in their pockets. It's true. Insurance is not an altruistic venture. It will only pay out the bare minimum. Insurance is a gambling scheme betting that only a small fraction of the population will be sick and the rest of the population can pay for it. It's true.

And I did not go to New York Chiropractic College to make nice with the insurance companies!

Here are the 4 rules:

1. You are not defective or inferior. Never feel that way with any health care professional.

2. Chiropractic is about systems, not symptoms.

3. There are no symptoms. They are body responses.

4. Body responses happen for very logical reasons and once you understand the reason you have more control over your healing choices.

Get adjusted because you want to be in the best state possible to handle stress and heal. Get adjusted because your human potential matters to you and you want to be at your best at all times.

No one can bet on your life, but there is one man who has bet on his own life and is winning. He is a cancer patient in the U.K. He made a bet he would outlive his doctor's predictions. He made $16,000! Read the article here. On the other hand, a family here in the U.S. has lost the freedom to choose and a young man with cancer is forced to undergo unproven cancer treatments.

Keep this in mind...because no one else can live your life for you.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your health freedom coach

Monday, May 25, 2009

What You Don't Say Speaks Volumes and Undermines Health

Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way.I finished reading Hands of Life by Julie Motz. She will be in New York State at the Omega Institute at the end of June if anyone is interested in taking a holistic vacation. (If you have visited there, let me know. It is a beautiful spot in Upstate New York.)

She is an energy medicine practitioner working with people before, during, and after surgery. Yes, during surgeries. She has a keen awareness of life memories as they are held in the tissues and organs of the body. Cellular communication existed in the embryo long before the organs were fully formed. Making use of this sophisticated system could revolutionize how people are treated physically and emotionally when they enter the health care system.

She could sense the exacerbation of fear and anxiety in people even while they were under anesthesia. With her attendance during life saving procedures patients needed less drugs and recovered quickly with less complications.

She helped people work through the emotional pain of past events that were so strongly held inside the body, stressing and damaging organs. The common denominator among her clients was the lack of acceptance of significant anger and fear in their lives. Despite the fact that her clients overcame obstacles of childhood or adulthood, they buried their emotions exactly the way society has taught all of us to do.

At Homic Advanced Chiropractic we discuss the 3 Levels of Subluxation Understanding (Mechanical, Bio-chemical, and Emotional) Emotional habits, beliefs, and feelings set in motion a flurry of nervous system reactions. Overwhelming emotional patterns take hold in biological processes.

Working with practice members over the years I has given me the opportunity to get to know them quite well which is very different from other health care professions. I see significant thought and behavior patterns that don't allow the desired changed of chiropractic to occur. Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way. People who face the same stresses day in and day out without resolving them or establishing a healthier balance do not respond well to chiropractic, or the benefits don't last very long between visits.

Chiropractors are not therapists, but it is evident that psychology is physiology, meaning the body is the absorbs emotional stress. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the UltraMind Solution, explains how depression and other mental disorders are symptoms of an unhealthy, sickly body riddled with toxic poisoning, vitamin deficiencies, and food allergies. He concentrates on Level 2 of subluxation understanding, the biochemical sources of ill health. Chiropractic has been shown to positively change the brain.

While many people visit the chiropractor because they have injury induced pain, there is always an emotional component involved. There is always a memory of a recent or past event associated with events leading up to the injury. Doctors don't always ask what was going on emotionally in a person's life.

It is easy to compartmentalize (see the word "mental" inside the word?) our lives, but it is not appropriate when addressing health issues. We often over focus on our symptoms when we should be looking at our emotional responses to our memories as well as our present issues, pleasant and unpleasant. If I try to direct you away from your painful body part, it is because we have beat that horse to death. It is time to talk about what hasn't been mentioned.

The body isn't looking for instant answers. It just wants validation, the same way a child wants attention and affection. At your next adjustment appointment, concentrate on releasing old disappointments, old fears, and reinforce how well you are intelligently designed. There is a great deal of good going on in our lives and acknowledgment often releases stressful body reactions.

The 3rd level of subluxation doesn't get enough attention because it requires us to shift our thinking. Let's keep working on it at your next adjustment visits and see how it impacts your wellness journey.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

The UltraMind Solution