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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 3: Timothy Noakes)

Timothy Noakes, MBChb, MD, DSc

Who else made the list? Read here. 

Dr. Tim Noakes is an avid sports scientist and ultramarathoner.  But he became ultra-interested in nutrition when he realized his high carb diet gave him diabetes type II.  

Going low carb/high fat reversed his diabetes and he admitted the old information about diet was wrong. 

In an HVMN interview he said, "In about 2010, I suddenly realized I got it all wrong and decided that I better stop harming people because the books that I'd written said that high-carbohydrate diets are ideal. I realized I was wrong."

Extended interview:,carb%2C%20high%2Dfat%20diet.

While he changed his stance, he said industries didn't like it.  He had to defend his medical licence in South Africa and prove the previous science was wrong.  He was adamant that he could no longer tell people that the typical food guide was healthy.  

Tim Noakes on Trial Summary in Runner's World

When folks like Dr. Noakes talk about high fat as health promoting, in flies in the face of decades of accepted dogma.  Now that we're realizing that a fat deficient diet is problematic on energy levels, vitamin conversion, brain and heart health, many physical problems can be healed. 

But it hasn't been a smooth road for many of the doctors who stand apart from their medical standards.  

Dr. Noakes explains it in plain, simple terms and speaks with a soul deep honesty that makes the informatin more well received.  

Following his dietary advice certainly will decrease someone's inflammation levels and slow down the degenerative aspects of chronic disease.  If can reverse his own diabetes, he makes the perfect coach.  He is a teacher who lived it and can help others get over the mental hurdles of giving up old beliefs. 

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