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Monday, January 04, 2016


hiring newsNew Member Orientation 
It is designed to save time on your first visit.
**  It helps you decide if you are ready to learn more, or if the office is not the right fit for you.   Click on the video above to watch. 

Answering these 8 Quiz questions will help you focus on the benefits of the membership program. 

                                             (Don't sweat it.  They're Easy!)

Question #1a - What three (3) experiences motivated me to become a chiropractor?   

Question #1b - What fourth (4th) experience made me absolutely decide to become a chiropractor?

Question #2 - What is innate?

Question #3- What is a subluxation?

Question #4- Why are most subluxations not painful?

Question #5- Why does everything decay, especially the spine?

Question #6 - What are the three (3) types of interference?

Question #7- Why do we adjust babies and people in comas, even though they can't speak and tell us what's wrong?

Question #8- Why did the girl with polio get better?

We will discuss what the body needs and what your body is not getting from you.  Is this a criticism of you?  No, it merely means you haven't been exposed to this kind of information before

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