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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Back to Basics: Why I'm a Mess


You can check out my recent video during which I talk about my renewed desire to get back on track with my life style habits.  Yes, it was a confession episode.  I was extremely lazy or should I say felt like overindulging in the crap food that is so convenient to grab and go?  I gave in to the unhealthy temptations way too much over the last few months. 

I have noticed atrophy in my muscles and can easily blame the cortisol spiking of stress. But I was skipping any real exercise.  No, walking the dog does very little for fitness even though it is an enjoyable outdoor activity.

During lent I have trouble with no meat on Friday and the protein deficit bothers my hypoglycemia.  Carbs are my kryptonite and non-foods make me spacey and anxious. I should have gone 24 hours without eating, but that doesn't work out for me either.  

If you've ever had vertigo, anxiety, brain fog, food cravings, frustration and impatience, which I am very well versed in, you might want to get your hypoglycemia in control.  These symptoms are very annoying and diet management is key. 

As someone who can't remain in denial when I track my food choices, I resumed my use of the Cronometer App.   I can't lie to myself when the numbers are staring me in the face.  When folks egg you on sayin "a little won't hurt," there is no such thing as "a little."

I also began using an app to track my fasting hours.  I know. I know.  I can easily look at the clock and count how many hours have gone by, but an app makes it fun with good reminders regarding how much time I am burning fat or when I am hitting autophagy.  

I am not a fan of structured exercise anymore.  It became a chore and I reached a point when it was boring.  But I have to get back to some type of creative routine.  So, I ran two days this week.  No expectations.  No self critique.  No goals other than getting moving and sweating more than I have all winter. 

There's nothing more to say.  I didn't reinvent the wheel.  I resumed the life style habits that reduces inflammation, maintains blood sugar, improves oxygen delivery to every organ and muscle and makes stress management less of a burden.  

If stress seems to take on a life of it's own and crowds out the real you....let's chat.  Brain Sense Tele-Health will get you started.  

And just start.



Saturday, March 20, 2021

Doctors Who Jumped Ship: More News from David Brownstein, MD, (Part 14)

 I just listened to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, interview Dr. David Brownstein, MD, on his Unbreaking Science podcast.  You can find the interview on James Lyons-Weiler's Facebook page.  I'm not sure he has linked it up on his podcast site.  His interview was live yesterday, so you can easily find it on his Facebook page for now. 

Dr. Brownstein is one of my Doctors Who Jumped Ship.  You can read my post about him here.

(You can read the entire series, by starting here.)

He discusses with Dr. Lyons-Weiler how his holistic office took care of people with severe breathing problems during this CV scenario.  (My opinion here: I still do not want to call it the name the CDC calls it, because it has been shown the numbers are overblown by an inappropriate test and mislabeling people's comorbidities as a new sickness.)

He has been doing his treatments for 30 years.  The therapy works and is nothing new.  Basically he is assisting the body systems, not treating a new sickness.  After all, we don't need to waste time trying to name something and come up with a new test.  All we need to do is give the body what it needs and take away the damaging aspects of our life styles.  

Why does Dr. Brownstein use natural therapies?  He simply states that it does not make sense to use drugs that are designed to "poison enzymes and block receptors." It is the hard core truth.  He realized his medical education taught him how to diagnose a problem and give it a drug.  I imagine watching people continue to decline was not satisfying to him.  What he does now he had to learn on his own.  He describes himself as self-taught.  We are lucky now that he is teaching others. But the Federal Trade Commission doesn't seem to like it. 

Helping people with the CV presentation of a breathing problem got him in some temporary hot water.  He knows he wasn't curing anyone, but the FTC thinks anyone who has success is misleading the public with cures. 

Dr. Brownstein followed up with an early study of his results and published it in a peer reviewed journal.  Meanwhile the FTC and others want a randomized controlled study.  But, the dedicated doctor is in the business of helping people.  Why would he take people presenting with sickness and set them aside in an untreated control group or give them the standard care of drugs that poison enzymes and block receptors?

Here is a link to his latest book on viruses.  A Holistic Approach to Viruses.

He told Dr. Lyons-Weiler that he can easily help people whether they are vaccinated or not.  People feel better with vitamins, iodine, nebulizing, and ozone.  

It's a shame that the government puts roadblocks in place for these doctors who have jumped ship.  I will admit to you right now, that I don't give authority to any agency over my own personal health. It's up to me and I will look at their approaches with a critical eye for the basic reason that it's all about chemical poisons. 

It seems to be very irresponsible to tell the public that the time to go to the ER is when someone is having difficultly breathing.  But the failure goes back decades when we have grown to tolerate declining health.  

Dr. Brownstein might have a bit of PTSD.  I noticed as he talked he spoke very distinctly about the panic that occurred last year.  He was seeing patients in the parking lot so they didn't have to come to the office, as a social distancing precaution or perhaps they were too sick to get out of their vehicles. It was quite chaotic for a while with the news media haranguing all day on their channels. He even mentioned the media reports of bodies piling up in the hospitals, so it seems he was overwhelmed by the gruesome predictions.  Who could blame him?  It's difficult to judge these news stories that are being reported on far away from your own town. 

He said they got things under control in about two weeks when he and his team figured out they were more than adequately taking care of their patients.  And I must repeat, he used the tried and true treatments he's been using for decades. 

We can all benefit from his tenacity.  We know drugs are harmful and not necessary.  With voices like Dr. Brownstein's along with Dr. Lyons-Weiler we don't have to live in fear.  We know what the body needs and we don't resort to controversial, unnatural care for our own lives. 

James Lyons-Weiler's website

Unbreaking Science

More Books by Dr. Brownstein

Do you have gaps to fill in your lifestyle?

Are you half-healhty, meaning you are still half sick?

Learn about Brain Sense Tele-Health today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pain Lives in the Brain

David Hanscom, MD, is a retired spine surgeon who knows why surgically aligning the spine does not resolve a person's pain. The pain actually is coming from the brain and not the spine.

Why do I adjust the spine?  To reach the brain!! 
So, when someone has issues with chronic pain, we know to look at the way the brain is perceiving the world. 

Check out my you tube videos about chronic pain.  


Doctors Who Jumped Ship: Update (Part 13)

 Well, it's been months since I added a column about medical doctors who are speaking out against incorrect information regarding health. 

Look back here to catch up on the series.

I was doing a bit of maintenance on the website, changing around some links, etc., and noticed that many of the youtube videos I posted have been removed.  Apparently discussions on better health are not congruent with "community standards."

Pointing out medical beliefs that are not backed up very well in the literature is a no-no.  The doctors I chose spoke out about poorly performed research and turned to safer approaches to get people well.  Who wouldn't like that?

The deleted videos just shows us how sensitive people are when it comes to letting people choose their own healing practices.  

I still have a list of names I hope to present.  You may already be aware of them.  I encourage you to learn more about their careers. 

11- Sherry Rogers

She routinely had to take time off from practice to memorize the wrong answers to renew her board certifications.  I find that really odd, but apparently that was a fact of life for her.  Knowing she treated her patients with natural methods, she obviously doesn't follow the mainstream approach that probably doesn't actually help people. 

12- Joseph Mercola

I've read he is often criticized for selling products online, but why is that such a big deal?  He offers products that benefit health, yet is probably not available in your neighborhood pharmacy.  I've also heard him discuss how often he is served with frivolous lawsuits trying to silence him, but he is more than able to defend his stance and win these cases.  He has the guts to stand up for health care freedom.

13- Kelly Brogan

Dr. Brogan is a recent medical doctor discussing her disgust with modern mental health treatment in the allopathic world. 

14- Zach Bush

I discovered Dr. Bush early in the corona crisis.  He goes into very logical explanations that the microbial world is not harmful and that we have real problems in our environment making us sick. 

15- Leland Stillman

A doctor not afraid to call out "corporate malfeasance," he's reminding the public that do not harm should still be a mantra easily rolled off the tongues of physicians.  But that hasn't been the way with the business of vaccines. 

16- Lee Merritt

She has easily called out the "blatant scientific fallacies" during this co-vid circus. 

17- Jason Fung

Dr. Fung got tired of patronizing patients waiting for them to need amputations and decided to tell the truth about the disastrous dietary beliefs pushed in the media. 

18- Carrie Madej

Dr. Madej got tired of government officials getting mad at her for actually solving serious problems causing ill health. 

19-Rashid Buttar

Dr. Buttar has no issues with setting the record straight when it comes to nonsense beliefs about standard medical care. 

20- Veronique Meade

When traditional medical care didn't help her own chronic disabilities, she had to reteach herself new information

21- Christiane Northrup

Always outspoken about the old ideas regarding birthing children and raising them, she found a new niche unveiling the inconsistencies with  the current pandemic panic. 

22- Shawn Baker

Despite the lucrative business of orthopedic surgeries, his hospital resented Dr. Baker's safer approach to reducing degenerative pain with the simplest diet. He had to defend is medical license.  He explained this in his instagram post two years ago:  voluntarily surrendered my medical license a little over a year ago after engaging in a several year long legal battle with a hospital after a sham peer review process precipitated by my actions to actively avoid profitable surgeries and instead press for unprofitable lifestyle interventions....That was done late last year and took about 4 months for the results to come in, which indicated I was perfectly competent to return to medical practice- The state medical board then invited me to reapply for license which took another 6 months to process (yes the administrative wheels turn very slowly)“Finally this afternoon I was informed by the state board that they voted to officially reinstate my license....” His Instagram Post is Here. 

So, these are the quickest blurbs I can come up with off the top of my head.  These are the instant reasons why I found them fascinating.  I am their cheerleaders knowing they have to buck a deeply ingrained system that could wreck their careers.  As, I said, they have a strong desire to reform the mess from within.  Some have stayed in medicine still trying to make an impact.  Others have retired or given up their medical licenses but still have found ways to give the public their knowledge and support. 

There are still more names coming to my mind.  I just want my readers to know that there are medical professionals out there who want the best for their patients and set aside the social rewards they could be privy to if they maintain the standards of care that they know are truly harmful and dishonest. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Impacts and the Non-Impacts (They're All Impacts)

Today I experienced a positive interaction with one of my peeps.  The person felt an amazing release and was very excited to be rid of the heaviness in her body. 

This was a positive for me because this person has been coming to me for more than ten years.  The rapport was there even though I  hadn't seen her in nearly a year.  She felt comfortable sharing her personal stresses with me.  In our daily lives, mental concerns and worries that emotionally drain us make up a large part of our nervous system dysfunction as the fight or flight response kicks into gear to help us cope.  

If you can't sleep at night, your fight or flight response is keeping you hyper-vigilant.   If you lack the energy to jump into the day's activities, your fight or flight response has burned through your reserves. 

Some people feel an immediate benefit from one chiropractic adjustment.  Others feel good results after coming in multiple times during a month.  It's wonderful to have quite the immediate and positive impact. 

I also can take note of the non-impacts that are still beneficial.  I have many folks who come as a routine, without fail, who are functioning well and taking their stresses in stride.  When something comes up we know they prevented a great deal of grief by making chiropractic a priority, even when they were feeling good. Especially when they were feeling good.  So much repair goes on that we are not aware of.  When we have nerve energy connecting every organ, processes work more efficiently.  

So, I smile when I see someone when I see folks having a much better day compared to when they first walk in.  I also, smile when my regulars are staying busy and enjoying every minute of it.  

If you hit a bump in the road, always bump up your chiropractic, and when you want to learn more about yourself, schedule some Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Sessions!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Truth of Health: EBI - Everyday Brain Injury

 EBI - Everyday Brain Injury

5 Simple signs of everyday brain injury

Stiff sore joints     

High blood pressure    

Digestive distress     

Fatigue / Short of breath    

Brain fog / anxiousness          

Why do I focus on these commonplace problems?

These are the situations that gradually worsen over time. Meanwhile we hardly notice these changes until they interfere with your daily activities. I prefer we handle them when they are fixable. This requires awareness so you can take effective action.

The list looks long, but a few simple steps covers many stressors at once.  Don't let it depress you. Once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. 

Old injuries / scar tissue / chronic inflammation / maladaptive motion pattern

High blood sugar  / cortisol burnout    / Hypoglycemic cycles    

Under-toned muscles / Atrophy      

Tight muscles   dehydration, mineral depletion

Anti-biotic use          

Medication induced mitochondrial damage

Nutritional depletion from medications

Vaccine injury, toxic build up

Poor toxin flushing

Collagen dysfunction / Leaky gut, 

Low stomach acid

Nutrient deficiencies

Heavy metals / parasites / candida

Hyper-alert limbic system, over exaggerated body responses from typical stressors

Unrecognized biological shocks (survival stress / sympathetic facilitation

Social patterns / Codependency / Unbalanced relationship habits

We have the 3 Door Ways to Enter for positive change:

Move the Brain        Feed the Brain           Talk to the Brain

Get your copy of the BFA Template that outlines the action steps.

BFA Crash Course

Brain Sense Tele-Health

Call me soon!      -- Dr. Lisa

Just Scratching the Surface

I can imagine most of us are living life at the surface, and could we go deeper.

I can only speak of my own experience.  When I say, "going deeper," I mean spending the extra time to dive into a topic that helps you grow as a person.  It can be an interest you have, a hobby, anything that inspires you to do more with your life, living it to the fullest, experiencing personal improvement that helps you make an impact on the lives of others. 

Tall order, huh?  We're so busy just keeping a roof over our heads.  Is there more?  I hope so.  While a majority of people feel they are burdened by  work stress, a Gallup poll has shown that 85% of the workers, globally, hate their jobs.  What does that say about us? About our future?

People try to plod through their day tolerating health problems such as allergies, fatigue, back pain, headaches, digestive disturbances.  Somehow we can continue on since these problems may come and go.  During the quieter moments we take advantage of the relief and get things done, remain busy, etc.  When the poor health creeps in we become more preoccupied and start to bargain with ourselves so we can pace our activities.  

I've had pounding headaches some days when I tell myself I just have to get through the last few hours of my work day, then go home where I can "let my hair down," pamper myself some, or go right to bed.  That's the bargain.  We watch the clock and give ourselves the pep talk to get through the shift. 

We spend many, many hours away from home, away from our families.  If we hate our jobs and suffer the ill effects of that daily stress, what kind of energy do we have left for our families?

Maybe some people are very good at compartmentalizing and when they clock off the job they transition into the best times.  They spend quality time with their children, teach them exciting hobbies, or volunteer with a meaningful organization that makes up for the 40 hour drudgery. 

Eventually, the stress creeps into all facets of your life.  I talk to many people who are counting down to retirement. They just want to feel good enough to get by.  

That's not why I am here.  I don't want to be "Get By Girl."  I want to participate in people's growth.  I want to take part in making the world more exciting.  

I can provide chiropractic care to people who just want a quick fix until their stress levels reach the breaking point again in a few weeks or months.  I can contribute to people's same level of functioning and they stay pretty much the same. 

Or I can invite people to take a new journey where they chip away at the functioning that no longer serves them. 

This where I can walk the journey with you.

Also, getting reacquainted with your body, or understanding the healing process is a an important part of self growth.  If you are a passive participant in your health care, just hoping a pill will be all the change you need, you will not have a meaningful experience.  Solving problems in a way that empowers you makes all the difference. 

An unhappy employment situation is not the only cause of stress in our lives. Chemical stress, mechanical stress, and other mental stresses play are role in burdening our self healing system.

We can dive in differently to promote positive change: 

Step 1: What is the concern that caught your attention?

   a- How has this concern impacted your psychological state?

   b- What else is going on in your life, impacting your                psychological state?

   c- Understanding the 4 Functional Levels of the Nervous System,

      how can we reframe the problem?

   d- Is it possible other tests and diagnoses are being misinterpreted?

Step 2: Prep the body for healing. (Support your body's healing.)

    a- chiropractic care to support the nervous system

    b- detox routine, determine toxins that can be avoided

    c- feed deficiencies with diet change and SP supplementation

    d- positive self talk, reframing your situations

    e- rest

    f- balanced movement (my preferred term for exercise)

Step 3: Establish a maintenance program (based on Step 2) and a Plan B for potential re-injury, accidents, new stress events, or changes in your routine.

Are you ready to go deeper?  Let's arrange a Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Session.


Friday, January 29, 2021

What Hospitals Ignore

First off, let me set the stage here.  I do not work in a hospital and I have only been in a hospital three times in my entire life. But I am going to go into a bit of detail here explaining why the hospital is not a place for reclaiming your health. 

I used to put people in the hospital by getting a judge to approve pick up orders.  The police would find people, handcuff them and take them to the ER for an emergency psychological assessment.  They were usually admitted in the psych ward because I knew they truly needed to be in a safe place.

I did not take this process lightly.  I rarely did it.  I worked very hard talking with my clients at length to help them stay out of the hospital.  I hoped to convey to them that there were other ways to feel better about themselves and to generally feel better.  It's not an easy spot to be in.  It is a struggle. 

I remember watching one of my clients try to cut her wrists with a plastic spoon because she was so frustrated.  I was sitting in her hospital room watching her express herself in the only way she could at the moment.  Imagine being stuck in a room with nothing else to do but sit on a bed and get lost in your own negative thoughts.  Visitors are once in a while and current staff just want to hand you some pills or set a food tray in front of you. You are a number to them because hopefully you are discharged in a matter of days.  There is no point getting to know someone who will be gone and a new body will be taking up space in that bed or room. 

It's just a temporary holding tank.  I'm not saying this to offend people.  I understand emergencies come up.  When there is a need for trauma care, stitches, surgeries or other modes of stabilization, it is crucial.  

Nowadays, I hear hospitalists monitor your progress while you are an inpatient.  Your own regular doctor has very little to do with your care at the time.  After a few hours at the emergency room, instructions are given to immediately follow up with your primary physician.  This is good advice. 

I have accompanied friends and family members to the hospital. The goal is always to be supportive, get some answers and help them get out of there as quickly as possible. 

After being discharged, the real work begins. 

There's nothing wrong with that.  It make sense.  You are the only person responsible for your health.  We, health care providers, are assistants to guide you.  You do the work that makes the difference. 

But our current state of chaos right now has shown how we've dropped the ball.  We have put too many expectations on our hospitals.  Calling health care workers "essential" is very honorable, but they are working too hard on problems that started festering decades ago.  We are assuming they can perform miracles on bodies that are barely functional.  

Currently, we are aware people with co-morbidities are not responding to last resort measures.  This is tragic. It is heart breaking for grieving family members.  But it is shameful that society has encouraged people to ignore failing health.  We actually call failing health "healthy."

Allow me to unpack this last statement.  Last resort treatments are noble but tissues that are deranged with fibrosis, full of inflammation and toxins, will not have any fight left.  We've implemented a new type of test in order to put the blame on a pathogen that has not been studied with any type of consistency.  It is a scapegoat so we can ignore the real reason people are sick. 

The hospitals ignore a very important factor in poor health.  They don't have time to delve into people's histories of the toxic overload that damages the body.  They write prescriptions that are not antidotes to the current poisons trapped in their tissues. Toxic overload is not a topic of conversation during a hospital stay. 

To sum it all up, you cannot reclaim your health while in  a hospital.  The hospital staff will address the most extreme condition that could cause your immediate death.  That is their focus.  If your tissue resiliency is adequate enough, you will survive the episode. 

When you get back home, your health choices will be very important.  Your progress depends on what you do moving forward.  

Do you need to tweak your steps on the BFA Protocol?  Have you never heard of the BFA Protocol?  Perhaps this is the a great time to dive deeper into the understanding of  the Four Functional Levels of the Nervous System so you can evaluate your functional path. 

You already have the tools. Learn how to use them proficiently.

Brain Sense Tele-Health 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Day 2: Unwrapping the New Member Orientation Packet

Have you looked over your entire New Member Orientation Packet?  Remember the info I handed you at your first visit?

I know.  It's a lot all at once.  These videos break it down into smaller chunks.  

When you'd rather watch and listen: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Friday, January 15, 2021

Doctor's Who Jumped Ship: "I Know I'm Killing Them" Doctor Burn Out

When a colleague committed suicide, Dr. Cwyes shared his anguish. 

Very stark, eye opening words from Dr. Robert Cwyes. He says it so well.  

Understand your doctor's predicament, he says.  

He understands your distrust.  It's going to get worse before it gets better, he stresses. 

Now my comment:  The best results come from you.  Your own personal efforts on a daily basis make all the difference in the world.  

We can discuss the erroneous health information and point you in the right direction through Brain Sense Tele-Health.  We address all the sources of stresses, especially the unrecognized issues.  Don't overlook them.  They may not be popular or on your physician's radar, but you have the opportunity to enhance your life with the information on the four functional levels of the nervous system. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Your Emotional Management As It Ties to Physical Well Being

 A great lesson on endorphins.

Effort Based Emotional Management

Smart Endorphin Boosting

Taught by Dr. Robert Cywes

The Carb Addiction Doc”

Avoid relying on food and other addictive crutches to artificially nourish your body's emotional needs.

4 Keys to Effort Based Emotional Management

1- Physical Activity

2- Creative Arts

3- Spirituality and Meditation

4- Empathic Human Connection

Watch Dr. Cwyes on his YouTube Channel:

Dr. Cwyes the #CarbAddictionDoc

Check out this Video covering #1:

I Can't Exercise and I Hate It !!!

Published January 8, 2021

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