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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Series Intro)

Welcome to my new series: Doctors Who Jumped Ship.  I have had a long interest in physicians who grew dissatisfied with the medical model as they desired to reform approaches that did more harm than good. 

My List of Doctors Who Jumped Ship
1- Peter Breggin, MD
2- Timothy Noakes, MBChb, MD, DSc
3- William Rawls, MD
4- Suzanne Humphries, MD
4.5- A second article about Suzanne Humphries, MD
5- Gary Fettke, MD
6- Jennifer Daniels, MD, MBA
7- Andrew Kaufman, MD
8- Thomas Cowan, MD 
Sherry Rogers, Joseph Mercola, Kelly Brogan, Zach Bush, Leland Stillman, Lee Merritt, Jason Fung, Carrie Madej, Rashid Buttar, Veronique Meade, Christiane Northrup, Shawn Baker

and more .... keep checking for my updates. 

A May 23, 2020 PubMed article, Medical Error, sites medical mistakes as one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  Statistics from different years show it has ranged from number 6 to the third cause of death.  

When delving deeper into this issue, the most concerning problems are adverse effects from prescribed medications and infections from simple procedures or other surgeries.  Additional contributing factors include failure to diagnose accurately and miscommunication among medical staff, specialists and even family or the patient.

As disconcerting as it is to realize errors can happen, these doctors on my list have spoken out against the underlying dangers of accepted medical treatments that are not beneficial to the patient.  They have gone out of the way to educate the public and offer better alternatives, yet they've dealt with pubic criticism, and some have had to defend themselves from medical board accusations. 

As a health professional who practices a drugless healing art, I am constantly dismayed at the speed at which people turn to harmful medications and procedures before they take a deep look at the reasons they developed a health concern.  

There are so many noninvasive interventions that are hands on, low tech and very effective.  If people are taught adequate self care, they will discover the empowerment it provides their mental health as well as physical health.  

I have a list of doctors who I admire for their experience and courage so that we have better informed consent.  I can only say better because we do not have true, authentic informed consent for many drugs and procedures.  

Most people may not know they can decline a procedure and ask for alternatives.  Since most causes of poor health are due to toxins entering our digestive systems, respiratory systems, and our minds, we can alleviate these problems by ceasing the toxic input. But we tend to skip the logical avenue and seek something more dramatic.  I suppose it's human nature to look for a quick fix so one can carry on as business as usual.  We must continue our stressful lives "full steam ahead." Right?  But doctor, from the Latin: docere,  means to teach.  What are we teaching the public? 

In my opinion a drug should only be used in the hospital for surgery or trauma care. Once you are discharged from the hospital a truly healthy person should not be sent home with any prescriptions.   If that is the case, the professionals have failed in teaching people how to be healthy. These more delicate, risky procedures should only used as a last resort. 

This is the repetitive theme that dates back to the poor health of my grandmother.  I instinctively knew this was not the life she was meant to live.  She was a wonderful grandmother to me despite the decline she suffered.  What about you and your future?

Back to my list.  I will highlight a different doctor every few days in a continuing series on my blog.  
Most of them are medical doctors (M.D.) or osteopathic doctors (D.O.).  I have included one or two Ph.D. professionals who also stand on the side of natural, noninvasive healing approaches as the first resort.

I will describe the events that  transformed them.  Faced with ethical dilemmas, they had to chose honest care for their patients and risk career disaster by bucking the system.  

Because these folks have jumped ship, some of them no longer practice medicine but speak out in defense of health freedom.  Some have developed a new niche for themselves in a way that allows them to help more people than their previous positions. Their stories should be inspirational because we can do the same.  We can stand up to common sense and empowering approaches. 

Be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date with my list. 

Peter Breggin, M.D. The first jumper I will highlight in this blog post is Dr. Peter Breggin.  He deserves to be first on my list because I came across his book Toxic Psychiatry in 1995 when I was in the midst of my own bumpy journey.  

Dr. Breggin was a psychiatrist who helped me discover the chiropractic profession.  He didn't know it, until I wrote him a letter  about 12 years later.  

(Look for Part 2 in the next few days.)

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