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Friday, January 20, 2023

2 Steps to a Radical Healing Experience


2 Steps to a

Radical Healing Experience

1: Discard Deceptive Disease Definitions

2: Embrace the

True Gift

of the Nervous System

This requires igniting the 

Pre-Frontal Cortex

for energized thinking.

Brain First is Body Freedom

Brain First Coaching: Bounce Off Old Ideas * Reprogram your Brain

Harness Chiropractic to 

Move Your Brain, Feed Your Brain & Talk to Your Brain.

Diagnosing and treating, the modern medical approach, does not acknowledge how you have been programming your nervous system your entire life.    This is why people feel as if nothing improves with their health no matter how many doctors they visit.   When your nervous system is left out of the equation, you're just a number passing through through the medical assembly line.   When your nervous system is left out of the equation, nothing seems to make sense. 

When the "standard of care" approach leaves you feeling empty and used, it is because it is assumed we are all the same.  It is assumed the body will respond to drugs and surgery.

The body does respond to drugs and surgery.  The body responds as if they were traumas and the fight or flight reaction can be more than the body can tolerate.  That is the logical functioning of the brain.

How do we learn to cooperate with brain rather than hinder it?

We focus on the brains's ability to move back and forth between Fight or Fight and Rest/Rebuild.  We nurture these stages once we recognize them.  

Check it out!  Dare to Thrive!

See you at the table....the adjusting table. 

--Dr. Lisa

Your Brain First Coach

Brain First/Body Freedom