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Sunday, November 10, 2019

What the Secret Service Didn't Tell You

Call to Action: The Secret Service needs to learn about the BFA Protocol. 
(image: So, now that the g o v t peeps have flagged my blog, I want to talk about the bullying report released by the AP last week. 

If you go to the AP news website, search the title; Secret Service Study: School Attacker Showed Warning Signs. 

Just the fact that the conclusion states the violence was not impulsive, but rather the incidents could have been prevented. Also, people who noticed problems in the children did nothing about it.  Perhaps, in  my opinion, no one really knows what to do.  Most mental health care is a dismal failure, but that's a discussion for another day.  

I want to broach the topic by discussing what was not mentioned by the report. They could not come up with a predictable profile.  The only similarity was that they were absent from school for a time before they returned to commit violence, and they had a history of behavioral problems along with being past victims of bullying.  

From what I remember from past news stories, their family lives were a mixture.  Some had an intact home with both parents, others were not.  There were weapons in the home, but I think that weapons are not the problem.  There is a correlation with violent video games, but not all kids who play these games leave their homes to harm to others.  I have watched my share of horribly violent movies, and I'm not walking the streets looking for a fight. Many violent movies have won Academy Awards watched by millions, so I can't put all the blame on the media.  

What the Secret Service didn't tell us is how many of these aggressors are on a number of legally prescribed psychiatric medications.  It has been mentioned in the news after previous shootings.  Now, if you just google Peter Breggin MD and look up how often he is an expert witness regarding violence after prescription drug use, you'll be shocked at the court cases the drug companies have lost. 

What I want to bring up now is why these people are put on drugs?  They weren't coping well with life.  After being put on these drugs they still were not coping well with life.  Drugs like these are mitochondria poisons.  How does the brain work when mitochondria are damaged?  How about the damage already occurring because of dietary poisonings, carbohydrate addiction that clearly changes the brain, and other injuries to the body that have changed brain and immune function?  We now know that disturbances in the gut directly affect the brain.  See the many brain conditions already at risk?

Talk therapy will not work if someone is nutritionally deficient and their brains are high on sugar, processed foods, etc.  I've seen it when I was a mental health therapist.  When I ran a group therapy for individuals labeled bipolar, they were all addicted to cigarettes, Twinkies, and caffeinated soda.  I didn't have to do any nutritional studies back then to know they were trapped in a cyclical mess of poisons.  

The information is out there.  We all know the Standard American Diet is problematic.  We have found ourselves in this predicament because the compounding affects of stress are difficult to overcome when children are starving, yet they look pretty robust and normal on the outside.   It's a sad domino effect when children exposed to harsh experiences can't heal because they are nutritionally deprived.  

In fact, this new story should urge us to work on better ways to feed our children, as well as ourselves.  
Please revisit my previous blog post about behavioral problems associated with processed food addictions 

Am I saying by the time law enforcement gets involved it could be too late?  Yes.  If we are using the same strategies in the courts and mental health systems. 

More to come as I continue commenting on this issue....stay tuned.

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--Dr. Lisa 
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