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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Swimming in Poison - Drowning in Inflammation

Call to Action: Consider the toxins you can immediately remove from your life style.
We live in a polluted world. That also means our bodies are polluted.  The worst stress on health is being poisoned.  Toxins in the modern world are difficult to avoid and it requires us to take this seriously. We should be  doing the things that help us stay well in the middle of this mess. 

What are we dealing with?
 Medications (mitochondria murder)
 Glyphosate (weed killer now overwhelmingly in our food and water, causing major GI destruction)
 EMFs (radiating our brains)
 Air pollution (secondhand smoke, secondhand vape, and more chemicals released into the air)
Fluoride in water
Chlorine in water
All the chemicals in our foods
Anti-nutrients in grains, fruits, vegetables

This is only a short list.  Perhaps I'll revise the list and add more examples as they come to mind.  I hate to be so negative, but ignorance is not bliss.  At least with this information we can arm ourselves with protective habits. 

The body has a very defensive survival system in place with the nervous system as its commander in chief.  If we can reduce as much of the toxic overload as we can and boost the nervous system, we have a better chance at protecting our health.   The BFA Protocol certainly gives us an organized way to protect ourselves.  Ask me how to really jump start your BFA efforts. 

Probably chemists will tell you that chemicals have advanced our life styles.  However, there are side effects that we need to accept and deal with properly.  As the title states, we are swimming in poison and this is causing us to drown in inflammation as the body attempts to self protect from the exposures. 

Children More at Risk
There is one class of people who have it worse right now and it is children.  They are poisoned in the womb, during their birth and as they grow up.   Check out this recent video from Dr. Bergman.  He makes the connection between leaky gut and brain health mentioning the problems with vaccines, glyphosates, antidepressants, etc.  He is an entertaining speaker with interesting examples of the children he sees in his office. 

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See you at the table.
The adjusting table. 
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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