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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Move Move Move - Just Keep Moving

Call to Action:  Take an inventory of the types of stagnation in your life so you can reboot your personal mission.

In chiropractic  college we were told movement is life.  And it makes so much sense.  Sitting is now considered the new smoking.  The law of inertia tells us that something at rest will remain at rest.  Immobility is one of the great ways to develop scar tissue in your joints and injured muscles. I don't want you to slow down, because your entire life slows down. 

Getting going seems to be the challenge for folks who may have realized they let the inactive thing go on too long....

Since the brain and spinal cord make up the master system of the body: they need to move too.  It is essential.

If your brain is not at its best, you don't have a healthy ambition because you are tired with brain fog, you're stuck home taking too many sick days. 

The brain must move in a few different ways, the 3 Door Ways.
Remember the BFA Protocol: Brain First Always.

What Needs Moving?
Move the brain:   We must move our nerve impulses throughout the body.  
Feed the brain: We must move nutrients throughout the body.
Move your thoughts: You have a brain; use it.

How do we do it?
Move the brain with chiropractic care.  The spine is gives us the access points to reach the brain.  When I deliver a chiropractic adjustment, this is how we boost brain activity, by stabilizing brain waves. (S.T.A.R. Sessions, too)

Feed the brain with nutrients that can actually be absorbed by following my Ketolox Phasing Program. 

Talk to your brain with stress management practices to re-balance the power struggle between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.  

When I describe people as stagnating, they are depressed, feeling out of control of their lives, uninspired, living in a rut, stuck in a job that leaves them feeling unappreciated.....the list goes on and on. 

If you're ready to live your life with more meaningful adventures, let's do it with the BFA protocol.  

Stay consistent.  Stay successful with BFA Coaching Membership
What is the BFA Protocol?

See you at the table,
the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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