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Friday, October 18, 2019

What is Metabolic Hypoxia

Call to Action: Decide right now if you are tolerating annoying health problems and need to take a different look at why they are hanging around annoying you.
What is Metabolic Hypoxia?
The logical answer to your confusing symptoms

If you feel as if your healing has stalled, or you hit a plateau.  It is time to consider that there are overlapping causes to your poor health.  We live complicated lives and many negative things are happening at the same time to contribute to your lack of energy, pain, and worry.

Also, as the body goes into self-protection mode, a number of compensating effects will kick in that do not respond to the typical first line defenses, such as a pain relieving drug, topical analgesic, TUMS, or other quick style symptom relievers. 

Face it, we are just complicated creatures. But, that's ok.  What we can do is delve into what it takes to build up the body and step away from the activities that break down the body.

Diet plays an important role in how we heal.  We can't heal properly if we aren't fueling our bodies properly.  One aspect we can look at is how well does your body handle the toxic waste products of energy metabolism.  The by-products of energy production from food digestion are able to be recycled but some people may have difficulty if they are eating a diet high in carbs and/or have nutrient deficiencies.  

Dr. Darren Schmidt from the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor has been teaching about this for years and realized that earlier in the 20th century, doctors knew about this mechanism of disease but it fell out of favor because food was the solution. And, boy, how boring is that to just go to the grocery store?

You don't need a fancy PhD or sophisticated medical title after your name.  You just have to change your dietary habits.  

Dr. Schmidt created an online quiz to help folks look at their health histories so they can be given nutritional advice to boost their healing.   He encourages people to share this information freely because his life's goal is to put the pharmaceutical industry out of business.  We can work on this one person at a time.

I have borrowed his quiz questions and listed them below so you can see how many examples ring true for you.  Next, you can ask me for the BFA template and healing map, available at the office. 

I also have created the handout called: What is Metabolic Hypoxia?
(Metabolic glitches that add more stress to the body)
*  *  *  
Help Yourself Heal 
Over time the liver cannot detox the metabolic waste products of a typical carb heavy diet.

These toxins, (acetate, acid aldehyde, lactate, give you the wrung out, hangover feelings) build up in the blood vessels, blocking oxygen and pooling waste/inflammation in the organs and muscles. Also the body suffers from a B Complex deficiency. (Think mitochondrial disease)

The healing protocol includes a keto diet, intermittent fasting, nutrients to support the liver and boost B vitamins. It is a major life style change that invites a welcomed sense of personal freedom with a profound disinterest in the unhealthy foods you thought were fine to eat.

Do any of these problems/discomforts affect you?
(Disclaimer:  None of these examples are for diagnosing disease.  If you have an emergency situation, go to the ER or call 911.  This is information about healing tissues that have suffered under metabolic deficiencies and inflammation.)

- Body fatigue/Chronic fatigue
- Achy, sore muscles
- Fibromyalgia
- Tingling in arms or face
- Ankles swelling
- Deep ache or tenderness in calves
- Burning in soles of the feet
- Muscle cramping
- Nausea
- Loss of appetite
- Acid reflux
- Sluggish thyroid
- Core body temperature cold
- Poor circulation in the hands and feet
- Any kind of asthma
- Narrowing or tightening feeling in chest or chest pain
- Choking sensation, throat fullness, esophagus spasm
- Heart pounding or palpitations
- Difficulty breathing / shortness of breath
- Anxiety
- Thoughts of fear, grief, depression
- Wanting to leave a situation
- Obsessive-compulsive
- Dizzy
- Violent thoughts
- Fear of impending doom
- Intrusive thoughts, such as "I can't," or questioning life decisions
- Avoiding the friction of social contact

Typical societal practices Y or N
___ Were you medicating these symptoms for years only to realize the situation became worse and
promoted a potential or actual addiction?
___ Have you been super stressed or overwhelmed from major life events perhaps never fully recovered?
___ Did you grow up on grains, pasta, sugar, rice, and /or still eat them now?

Find out how we move the brain, feed the brain and talk to the brain with the B.F.A. Protocol (Brain First Always).

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