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Saturday, November 02, 2019

The Common Addiction to Food and the Scary Road to the Opioid Crisis

Call to Action:  Evaluate your diet of addictive foods and consider how they might be pushing you toward unnecessary medication use. 

This is a part 2 to my previous post about food addictions being an underlying cause of depression and anxiety.  Here is the Link. 

If folks think I am putting a stretch on this idea, but baseline poor nutrition runs you down the road to sickness and discomfort.  I am concerned about the medication usage in our society.  People younger than me are on 3-4 different medications.  Why???? 
From a WebMD article: prescription use has risen 85% from 1998 to 2016. Incredible.  And this is normalized. 

It is a natural progression, if you're not feeling better on a medication, you try stronger versions, and now we have an opioid crisis because people were led to believe that they were not addictive.

Yet, the Standard American Diet is highly addictive.  People often swap one addiction for another.  This is something our young people need to be taught.  Non-foods often believed to be foods are changing the brain.  They deprive the body of nutrients, which makes you constantly hungry as the body is calling out for better food.  

Continuously eating the American fare of grains, sugars, and seeds oils keeps your blood sugar high inviting more addictive cravings.  This is very similar to the blood glucose problems of people who are abusing heroin.  See the connection there?

I focus on this pretty seriously because the Standard American Diet is all over the place and it takes quite a bit of planning to avoid the foods that are plentiful.  Considering they never go bad since they are dead foods sealed in a plastic bag, they are cheap and it's easy to just store it up in huge warehouses.  

And, interestingly, our health has steadily declined since our modern way of preserving foods has taken us away from traditional foods and traditional ways of preparing foods.  

Check out this video from Dr. Berg. Yes, he has references in the description.  Our food has changed, but 100 years later we don't know the difference.  We have normalized sickness.  

  Conclusion: I want your chiropractic adjustments to react like rocket fuel  (Powerful)!!  Removing the toxic stress of these addictive, anti-nutrients  makes a major difference from ho-hum to Amazing. 

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--Dr. Lisa
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