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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Your Anxiety and Depression is a Food Addiction: How's That For a Twist?

Call to Action: What toxins are getting in the way of your chiropractic care?  How can you make your adjustments more powerful?

Constant toxic exposure messes with your brain. Food (that term is used loosely) is the #1 problem.   We need to eat to live,  but not everything edible is nutritious. 

I mentioned to someone the other day, why would I want to adjust an unresponsive spine?  It took her aback a bit, but she quickly understood.  When your body is clogged up with inflammation, how can the chiropractic adjustment give you positive benefits? 

It does help the body function better.  I wouldn't deprive anyone of the opportunity.  But a plateau is often reached when there is a constant stream of interference. 

Toxic exposure is the #1 threat!    Toxins consumed, inhaled, and absorbed, not to mention toxic thinking.  (Toxic build up of muscle waste products, from overuse, and injury is also a concern. but that's a lesson for another day.)

One super quick way to impair the brain is with foods that lack nutrients forcing your body to crave, hoping for more food.  An insatiable appetite makes someone hungry every 2-3 hours.  Being hungry often is not healthy.  This snowballs into metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic pain, poor energy, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, digestive disturbances....
Overlapping causes.....compensating effects.  

Dead tissue cannot respond to the chiropractic adjustment.
Starving tissue is a close 2nd. 
Chronic inflammation takes up residence in tissues that are toxic and starving.
Feeding your tissues properly ensures the chiropractic adjustment can deliver healing energy. 

For a nice summary of food addiction and how understanding it has evolved over the decades, watch this video of an interview with Joan Ifland.  Her personal story is quite compelling. 

How can you get more in depth with this topic?  Sign up for BFA online coaching.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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