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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

B.F.A. Crash Course (Brain First Always)

I made a video a few weeks ago regarding the first steps to the Brain First Always Protocol.  These are "Do It Yourself" activities you can start doing before your first chiropractic visit.   Check out Brain Snob Episode 35.

With today's blog post, I will give you the BFA Crash Course.  I have a hand out in the office that I nicknamed "The BFA Template."  Be sure to ask me for a copy.  My crash course here will not be as detailed, but it will give you a clear picture of the 3 Doorways that boost your brain health.

Here goes:

Speedy Lesson #1

  • You have an inborn wisdom or innate intelligence received into your life at conception.
  • This innate intelligence is with you from your existence in the womb until your last breath.  
  • Your innate intelligence makes cell division happen, along with all other life sustaining activities in the organs.  
Any time a seed germinates and grows into a plant or tree, you are witnessing innate intelligence in action.  Every time your body responds to the environment for protection and healing, that is your innate intelligence in action.  

Speedy Lesson #2

You cannot see innate intelligence, but you see the results when a cut heals, when you your blood pressure rises so you can take a fight of stairs, when a baby is born, and so much more.

Speedy Lesson #3

Life affirming messages are delivered from the brain and spinal cord through the spinal column to the rest of the body.

Innate intelligence partners with the nervous system much like a conductor communicates with an orchestra to make beautiful music.  Innate intelligence and your nervous system partner together so you can live a beautiful life.  

Speedy Lesson #4

Nerve energy can only be received and used by healthy, living tissues.  We must strive to provide responsive/receptive tissues so life can be expressed.  

In other words, you cannot make a fire without materials, oxygen, and heat.  You cannot live without nerve energy, nutrient energy, and functioning tissues/organs.

Lesson 1-4 Round Up:
Healing ability is always there until death. 
Now, don't leave it up to chance.  Stress is every day. 

Next:  You can influence this healing power with your self care practices

Speedy Lesson #5
Confidence is the Spark Healing starts with your knowledge of how the body works and how this knowledge impacts your confidence in your own body's self healing.  Your confidence plays a role in the healing process.

Knowledge + Confidence = Motivation To Be More Proactive

But we know motivation does not mean change.  Actual action is action.  

Speedy Lesson #6

Adjusting the spine is a profound activity that positively boosts brain activity as measured by EEG studies. 

Check out this blog post showing how the body changes when adjusted.  

Speedy Lesson #7

Your daily self care and stress management practices add more power to your chiropractic adjustments. 

Speedy Lesson #8

The 3 Doorways of the B.F.A. Protocol:
   1- Move the Brain  (Chiropractic care & Exercise)
   2- Feed the Brain  (Reducing toxins, increasing nutrients)
   3- Talk to the Brain  
        (S.T.A.R. Sessions, and my favorite books on brain training.            Get my reading list in the office.)

     What is a S.T.A.R. Session?
     More Info on S.T.A.R. Sessions.

Ready to Dive In??? Great!!

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