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Is this office the right fit for you? Watch the New Member Orientation Video: CLICK HERE It is required before your first visit.

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Sunday, October 06, 2019

** F A Q **

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome!  I'm glad you stopped by.
Chiropractic is a person-to-person service.
Making a phone call is the best way to get started.

Is this office the right fit for you?  Watch the Orientation Video

Q- I'm in a lot of pain.  How soon can I come in?

         A-  Tuesday and Thursday mornings are set aside for new  
                people who are comfortable enough to sit for a 90
                minute interview to get a detailed history on your
                situation.  Other times may be available as well, so
                most people can be seen within 1-3 days after calling

                the office. 
               Be sure to watch the orientation 
                video before your first visit so you can decide if this                          office is the right fit for you.

                Please call 315-277-1362

                 If you need Urgent Care or the E.R., go there first and 
                 call later when your functioning is more manageable.

Q- Do you accept my insurance?

           A- Please call and ask.  Only a few government plans are 
                accepted.    315-277-1362
                We also have cash discount plan.
                Most insurance plans will not reimburse Dr. Homic   
                because brain-based-subluxation care is not
                a reimbursable service.  The language of insurance 
                considers most types of chiropractic care 
                "not medically necessary" even though consumers
                 give it a high satisfaction rating.  Your health is more
                 important than a 3rd party system's determination. 

                The PCD program allows us to discount our cash
                fees which means no one actually needs insurance.

Q- What conditions do you treat?

          A- Chiropractic is about people not conditions.  
               The goal is for better healing.  
               I truly enjoy working with people who are "burned out."
              What is Burn Out?  Check it out here. It doesn't matter 
               what the person presents with, it's about an improved
                healing response.  We collaborate to decide what
                type of chiropractic adjustment suits your current
                state of health. 

Q- How long will it take to feel better?

         A- No one can make prediction's about another person's
              healing ability.  Each person has a unique health 
              background and environment.  And since "feeling better"
              is a subjective measurement, we would rather focus on 
                     improving the body's own innate healing ability by
              1- removing subluxations from the spine and 2- come up                 with a plan to reduce the stresses that complicate                               subluxations.

             In general terms, someone can influence his or her own                     health for the better in a matter of weeks to months, 
                   depending on how much damage the body has sustained,                  and how many life style changes someone can incorporate
            into his or her daily routine to make effective change. 
             The goal of Dr. Lisa's office is to make this change
             meaningful and rewarding.  

             Be sure to watch the orientation video to help you decide
             if this office is the right fit for you.
      Read more about my personal journey here: 
                         Chiropractic Saved Me
                         More About My Personal Journey        
Call the office:  315-277-1362 so I can learn more about you.  

-- Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate


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