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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

How to Make the Most Out of Your Google Search

When you sit down at your computer and do a google search, don't type like this:

Google:  back pain
Google: headaches
Google: Lyme disease
Google: Fatigue

And most of all, don't type this:   Google: chiropractic

Why?  Because you have a better head on your shoulders than you think, don't you?   You don't resort to simplistic thinking do you?

Of course when you google chiropractic the first thing that comes up is the wikipedia entry.  Are you a fan of wikipedia?  I think it's ok for introductory information. Wikipedia is a place on the internet that can be very generic and should get you started on more specific searches.  

If you scroll down through the wikipedia entry, you come to the paragraph that says there is hardly any evidence supporting that chiropractic is good for anything.....Yup.  That's what it says. 

But here's what irks me.  We presume everyone is the same and that all you need to do is one type of intervention to make yourself all perfect and back to health.  They take a bunch of people, adjust them a few times and record what happens.  Not a really complete scenario.  Sometimes they use fake adjustments so it's similar to a placebo.  It's a good college try, but it has it's limitations.  

The truth is nothing works that way.  Not even a drug.  Taking an antibiotic is not a total cure for a bacterial infection.  There are so many body processes involved.  The antibiotic is only one aspect. If you zap a germ with an antibiotic, your body still has to process the dead cells and clear them out of the body.  What if you're too sick to do that?  Also, antibiotics wreak havoc on gut structures and make people sicker.  The body has to deal with that, as well.  Recently I've been reading about balance problems and neuropathy associated issues with antibiotic use, among other unpleasant side effects.  So, there are always other considerations that impact how you approach a health problem. 

Do I assume chiropractic is a treatment for back pain, headaches, and other health problems?  Of course not.  That's why a generic search on google for a named disease or label is not the way we learn about our health.  

Often, when looking for the quick answer, you get a lot of disappointment.  

If you watched the orientation video and talk to me for less than 15 minutes, you know that we must understand where good health comes from and focus on that.  Disease names take us all over the place in so many directions they don't connect to a solid healing path.  

When you sit down at your computer and type a search term, the following will give you real explanations:

How the body heals

How does the body work?

How to keep the body systems in balance

Unfortunately, when I actually do that, the answers are just as goofy.  
Why? Because we shouldn't be looking for a one size fits all answer.  We should be deciding what kind of philosophy to follow.  

Philosophy is the study of knowledge and how one categorizes information, Generally you make your own conclusions based on how you value the process of understanding information. 

So, when asking the question: what makes me feel better?  You have to pick a philosophy that fits your preference for healing. 

My own preference is without drugs, and risky surgical procedures. As I progressed through my educational career, the profession of teaching and pedagogy, mental health counseling, and then chiropractic, I have focused on an approach that continues to give a person self confidence.  This must come from a person's ability to feel self empowered.  

That means a teaching approach should inspire action in the learner. The learner should demonstrate a finely tuned behavior whether is is the ability to write, speak, perform a musical instrument, play a sport, design a structure, create a piece of art, aid someone in distress, etc. 

In mental health, I wanted so see people reshape their own self perception, demonstrate assertiveness, and choose relationships that are mutually beneficial.  

In chiropractic, I want folks to understand how they add health to their lives and inadvertently deplete health from their lives.  This approach encourages people to consider what is natural to the body and what is unnatural to the body.  This includes what nurtures the body and what puts the body into an emergency state of survival until the body can reestablish balance again.  

 Sadly, if we don't reclaim that balance, the body prioritizes systems until it becomes too weak then it finally loses its resilience. 

Understanding the stage of survival you are in helps you realize there is a multi-step approach.  Life is full of multiple stressors. Health issues stem from overlapping causes, with compensating effects. This is why a one-step-drug, or one healing activity is not going to make a dent in your total well-being. 

Also, with this philosophy, a passive approach isn't congruent.  Your confidence level and self-direction matter.

In conclusion, part of my philosophy is to make healing a meaningful and rewarding practice, because  we use ongoing habits that should be woven into your life on a daily/weekly basis.  

The body heals 24 hours a day.   This is amazingly cool!!! 
 What you do will influence how well your healing gifts take care of you for a long time.

If you've been on the blog long enough you will read about the B.F.A. Protocol, (Brain First Always).  This is how I introduce people to making their healing power the best it can be.  

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