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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Drugs Delay....


The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once from the medicine.   
--William Osler

Call to Action: How much do you know about the mitrochondrial damage epidimic caused by "properly" (I use that term loosely) prescribed prescription drugs?

Sadly, in our culture, drugs are pushed heavily as no big deal, despite the side effects and harm to mitochondria.  

Drugs delay.....  That's my simple explanation.  If you want to heal slowly, take a drug.   A drug does not promote tissue regeneration.  Your innate intelligence has to struggle by fighting the toxin before it can help you heal.  

A drug to lower a fever is a common example of promoting a longer illness.  Why do we want to "dumb down" an intelligent body?

People turn to drugs when they feel they have no other alternative. That is the basic reason.  When someone takes a drug, they are usually in a state of high tissue damage that takes a long time to heal.  For some the damage is at a stage that is extreme making it irreparable whether over time naturally or with a surgical type of manipulation.  When we run out of patience and feel overwhelmed we turn to drugs.  

The mind-set I promote is that we are better than that.  We think better than that. We can plan for heath and prevent illness/injury.  And if we do experience a health problem we heal efficiently.  We give our bodies what it needs. 

So what is it about pain?

Pain can sometimes be a mysterious signal in the body.  When we try to cancel out the pain signal we are not doing the most important task, which is to  figure out which tissue is dying or degenerating.

(If you're wondering why a tissue is dying, type "inflammation," in the search box at the top left of this blog and read my other posts about inflammation.)

Pain is a sign the body is trying to heal.  I would rather we rebuild the body so the pain signal reduces on its own. 

Healing begins in the brain.  Your mind-set should be of confidence.  You can be confident your body will work for you.  
That's why I teach B.F.A.  Brain First Always.

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