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Friday, October 18, 2019

Would you build a house without a roof?

Call to Action: There' s more to chiropractic than the "crack your back,"sarcasm I'm personally tired of hearing.  Find out what else is available. 
Don't Skimp, Skip or Cheat Yourself

B.F.A. Services
Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic as a maintenance routine for brain protection.

Once a week is considered a beneficial frequency for maintenance care after the spine feels more stable, however, twice a week or three times a week is not downplayed either. Stress is very intense and it makes sense to counteract our stress with ongoing subluxation removal.

Sometimes folks need to come in twice the same day. There's nothing wrong with that.

Chiropractic is about being proactive, rather reactive.
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S.T.A.R. Sessions
** Extinguish stubborn stress patterns
** Establish healthier nerve patterns

A 30 minuted extended chiropractic session using vibration, sound or silence, adhesion release, and essentials oils with adjustments to calm an over-active nervous system.

S.T.A.R. Sessions are especially useful when other typical stress management approaches don't work for you, or you want some extra down time to release tension from your body.
Standard Process Nutrients

The nutrients in our food have been greatly diminished over many generations. Even organic foods have their deficiencies due environmental challenges. Glyphosate is now in all plant foods, animal products and water supplies causing leaky gut and other health problems. This requires us to be diligent with adding back nutrients and detoxing our tissues. Standard Process provides food concentrates that have the best bio-availability. It's no coincidence that people are getting sicker and are stuck on maintenance drugs. (That's the wrong kind of maintenance in my book!) Don't forget- chiropractic care also helps with digestion and nutrient uptake,too.
Dr. Lisa's “Keto Phasing”

People are very hesitant to adopt the ketogenic diet because misinformation abounds. It is truly the original human diet. Sadly, healing has been elusive to most people who continue eating inflammatory foods. The best healing takes place when people are in a state of ketosis, and this includes fasting, so it's not all about food. I offer a coaching program that helps people “phase in” the keto life style with confidence that they are meeting their health goals without feeling they must say good-bye to the enjoyment of food. This is also another brain re-wiring exercise where the addiction to insulin spiking foods is resolved and the false-satiety of unhealthy foods is also extinguished.

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