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Friday, July 08, 2022

What My Patients Say

The most revealing comment I get from my patients is that they find it very frustrating that they can't convince their family members and friends to come in to see me. 

This is not specifically about the benefits of chiropractic care and the Brain First/Body Freedom Protocol, but it highlights the difficulty people have with change and taking a deep look at new ideas that aren't familiar. 

I have practice members (my preferred title for the folks who come to me) who came from chronic, messy life styles who were dramatically turned around.  

I say chronic, messy life styles because it a more useful way to describe their challenges. They often have very severe disease diagnoses that automatically leads them to put up mental barriers.  They remain stuck behind medical terminology that prevents them from breaking down their situation into workable solutions.

That's a mouthful so, I'll explain a bit more. I am not accusing my practice members of having messy life styles.  It is a a delicate way of describing the "locked in" situation they feel trapped in by a medical consensus that is not empowering.  The pharmaceutical approach does not get to the crux of the problem.  The real burden is an over-extended, exhausted nervous system. 

Naturally after months of hard work, practice members who put in a ton of sacrifice toward their self improvement,  are excited and want to share their success with their friends and family. 

However, it's more like an alien coming down from outer space trying to communicate in an unrecognizable language. They get no where. 

I feel for them because I have the same frustration level. I hope I am explaining what I do in a way that is positive, inspirational and doable.  People don't want to try something that sounds too difficult. 

And the pharmaceutical world convinces you that there isn't much else out there.  The mainstream world repeatedly states chronic illness an be managed but not improved.  Nice message, right?  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.  (Sarcasm.)

I tell my practice members to relax and don't over-talk.  Just let your friends and family watch you.  Wait for them to ask questions then give them a little bit of information so they don't run and hide. 

Every individual nervous system has it's own tipping point based on past experiences. You can only learn new things when the pre-frontal cortex is relaxed and ready to take in new information. 

Don't give up, but don't stay sad, either.  It took you a little while to seek out something new. 

People continue to come to my office for months or years and receive the most basic chiropractic care until the light bulb finally turns on and they take the deeper dive to help themselves in more dramatic ways. 

I'm staying as patient as I can be, too. 

Expand your talents beyond your comfort zone every day. 

--Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Coach

Liberating Your Nervous System from Unacceptable, Un-serving Ideas

Brain First *Is* Body Freedom


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