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Sunday, August 08, 2021

Looking Healthy on Paper But Feeling Like Junk


So your medical doctor says your blood work looks good.  But you feel lousy.  How can you explain to your doctor that something else is going on?

The medical doctor is at a loss.  It's a numbers game and you are considered WNL (within normal limits).

What comes next?  Hmmm....a trial of anti-biotics?  A trial of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs?

Maybe a set of Xrays will be taken.  Possibly a course of physical therapy will be prescribed. 

When you look good on paper but you don't feel good

Here's what I do.  I look at the nervous system.  The body is very good at tolerating stress.  Your fasting blood sugar can be normal for decades, yet according to Dr. Joseph Kraft 90% of teenagers are already suffering from chronic disease yet it is overlooked.  High blood sugar and diabetes will be diagnosed very late because the body fights hard to maintain homeostasis.  While lab work looks normal, the early stages of inflammation will appear as fatigue, moodiness, stiff, sore joints.  Even blood pressure begins creeping up due to blood sugar imbalances, even with normal fasting blood sugar. 

The most under-recognized condition

This blog post is not a primer on how to interpret lab work, but to encourage you to consider the most under-recognized chronic condition: a burdened nervous system.  

Chiropractors can figure that out in three seconds.  Yep! We look at your posture, skin, facial features, belly, teeth.  No blood work needed.  And when we feel the subluxations in your spine, we can tell how long you're body has been screaming for peace and rest.  

READ HERE: Why the spine is a secret passage way to your brain and organs.

Chiropractic care helps us clear out the speed bumps in your spine, but we also look at the exhausting patterns you've taught your brain to hang on to.  Chiropractic adjustments break the patterns giving you an opportunity to replace unwanted patterns with more desirable patterns. 

If you're not feeling well and not sure why,  let's address the nervous system's preoccupations and give it permission to let them go.  

Sound's unusual?  Think of chiropractic as neuro-feedback on steroids. 

But we know steroids have terrible side effects.  Chiropractic is drug free and actually addresses the cause of the problem. 

We can re-teach your brain to function better.  Yes!  We can!!  

Ready?  Let me know. 

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