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Sunday, August 08, 2021

What If The News Is Wrong? Day Care and the Current Sickness


 My local newspaper's Sunday headline speaks of an uptick in sickness at five local day care centers.  Now remember, this is all based on the improper use of the PCR test, so I don't take these statistics seriously. 

This is their bias.  I get that.  That's why we are encouraged to seek second opinions.  

The article goes on to remind people to stay home if they don't feel good.  It also reported on the closure of some day cares or certain classrooms.  

Here's my take on the situation.  What actually makes kids sick? My number one answer is the stress level of their parents. It "trickles" down to the kids.  Kids don't know how to express their concerns so they hold it inward.  Kids don't know how to calm their parents down.  Their young bodies soak up the stress.  The body has to detoxify from it eventually.

This is also a time of a heightened sugar fest, especially in day care centers.  The ice cream truck visits.  There is always a pizza day.  I bet parents get a little lax in the packed lunch department and send in more junk. 

And also of concern to me: Do kids ever get down time?  There is always some kind of crazy camp going on. What if it is too much pressure on a child?  Many of these camps have projects that have to be completed by the last day.  Perhaps it is too much pressure on a child to create some sort of craft  or  activity.  When kids get around each other the competition can be very fierce.  And if they are forced to work in groups? "Yuck," was always my reaction. 

This is the total opposite of the relaxing summers I spent as a kid.  We played make believe and just played.  We ran all over the place outside.  I don't need to remind the old folks here what summers were really like back then. 

By the way, screens are not relaxing.  It is brain poison. 

Why are kids really sick?  Take a second look.  

I am allowed to ask, "what if?"  We all are allowed. 

P.S. I still haven't finished my series on what I've been doing wrong most of my life, until now.  And why I say there is no disease.  It's coming.  Be patient. 

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