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Sunday, August 08, 2021

Chiropractic is the Ultimate Prepping - Be Ready and Confident for Anything

Chiropractic is different.  It is meant to be different.  You were looking for different.  That's why you're here on my website.  

If you're hanging out with me you're going to be thrust into different.  

Be different.  Live different. 

I chose different a long time ago.  I was lucky enough to learn the chiropractic story during my early search to enhance the mind/body connection.  I am happy to say I learned the connection is actually innate intelligence working within the nervous system.  It's not a complicated concept, but society tends to ignore it.  

Chiropractic's Big Impression on me happened nearly 30 years ago. Experiences in childhood and young adulthood began to set the stage.  For me, it's old hat.  I'm so comfortable in my chiropractic life style that I forget to share the story with newcomers.  Read my story here.  And don't forget the New Member Orientation Video.

I really hope their own story makes a big enough impact on them.  I've realized the first part of the transformation is to awaken the belief that the body is always doing the right thing at the right time for you.  Your body is always correctly assessing the environment and working hard for you.  

People don't believe it.  I can't change their belief.  I can only be the example and be a creative communicator. 

Chiropractic is a very unique way to disrupt a pattern so you can teach your brain a new pattern.  An unwanted pattern in the mind or body can be replaced with a more desirable pattern.  Chiropractic unlocks that great vault called the brain.  

The second part is to introduce the new, preferred pattern.  That takes a bit of a time commitment.  This is why chiropractic is a life style.  We are constantly modifying our life patterns because stress is also a constant in our lives imposing change we don't want. 

And when I say this is different, I understand the challenge. I understand how a new thought doesn't jive nicely with old thought. It might take a while to grow on you.  Chiropractic cannot be compared to any other healing art, so it bounces out of your acceptance because it has no similar counterpart.   This is a different I want you to embrace. 

And I don't talk about back pain, leg pain, head aches and such because that it just limited thinking.  Yes, the brain controls your back, legs and head.  But these pains are just a reflection of the nervous system's assessment and response to your daily life. 

Rather than taking a narrow look at the pain, it is much more rewarding to take a look at your brain's massive juggling act and evaluating if your life needs to be changed in various ways. 

And at the same time, get adjusted so the spine can deliver appropriate nerve signals rather than over-zealous signals that push the body to exhaustion and organ failure.  Why is the spine so important? What does the spine have to do with organ failure?

The different I am so passionate about is the fact that the body is well equipped to face the ups and downs of life. When life gets wild and crazy you need a brain that is ready for anything and your body has strength and resileince.  Chiropractic is the ultimate prepper activity.  Because you're most important tool is your brain.

Yeah, that's different, but it is also life saving. 

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