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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

What Side of Stubborn?: Now Out on Kindle

What Side of Stubborn?:  

Why Do No Harm Means Undoing Decades of Harm

Read on Kindle here 

I wrote this short e-book to reveal how I gave up a number of old ideas that were not serving me.  I left one side of stubborn to join another side that has given much better quality of life.  The downside was that I took so long to get where I am today.  I know others are in the same boat with their health frustrations. I know they are falling through the cracks. 

This why I have launched Brain Sense Tele-Health in order to reach more people with this liberating information.

This is a coaching service that helps people discover the missing pieces in their self care routine.  

It can be challenging when you are doing everything supposedly right and you are not getting the results you want.  Sometimes what works for someone else isn't working for you.  Isn't that frustrating? We can work on the hidden reasons your brain is stuck in a negative pattern and ignoring the healing care you are providing. 

If you're ready to learn more about your own body's great healing ability, let's make an appointment.  

Half Healthy is Still Half Sick.  Half a Solution is Still Half a Problem.

Fill the Cracks - Don't Fall Through the Cracks

Special Offer: 20 minutes free session until December 30, 2020.  

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