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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Viruses Don't Matter When Nature is Respected


This is a follow up post from a video I made last week highlighting particular quotes Royal Lee, and Weston A. Price made during their careers about those pesky diseases.

Currently in my county as of December 7, 2020 the number of active C V cases compared to the entire county population = 00.050%
There are 17 in the hospital, (0.022% of the entire county population).  There are 179 staffed beds (average), so 9.5% of the hospital has positive tested individuals under their care.  Many are discharged in a matter of days.   "Worldometer" still shows 99.5% of cases are mild. 

Do you wonder why only chronically sick people are at risk?  

Do you wonder why these illnesses come and go with the seasons?

I have wondered about this my entire adult life but really it wasn't on my radar.  People seem to get sick together, on occasion, but not everybody.  We need to keep asking these important questions.

I thought about looking into the past to read what Royal Lee and Weston A. Price thought about it.  They contributed amazing information regarding nutrition and health, yet, it seems to be dismissed in our modern time.  

The population is not healthy, that's for sure.  It seems we are a sicker nation. There are multiple reasons for this as layers of stress are piled on us every year.  Rather than put the blame on a partially understood viral fragment, we should be reducing unnecessary stress and building up our tissue resilience.

Our many layers of stress come from air pollution, pollution in our food, work stress, travel stress, toxins in our medicines, news media always blaring bad news, etc. 

With these summaries of quotes from the videos, I offer a key correlation between food quality and resilience. 

Royal Lee

Many of these excerpts are taken from 

From Soil To Supplement, A Course in Food, Diet, and Nutrition: Taught by Dr. Royal Lee, by Mark Anderson

Fever accompanies acute illness.  Fevers are especially seen in children.  Here are some excerpts from Royal Lee regarding fevers:

1- Calcium bicarbonate deficiency is seen with recurrent fevers

2- Calcium deficiency fevers are seen during rapid bone growth in children

3- Pasteurized milk causes fevers

4- Calcium deficiency is seen in nervous children and children coughing at night

5- There are good reasons to believe that no virus infection can occur unless the calcium levels of the body fluids have dropped below a certain limit

6- Exogenous sugar in the diet promotes susceptibility to virus, or bacterial disease

What about polio?

7- "Soft drinks and ice cream" contribute to polio since glucose, syrup, impairs the assimilation of calcium

8- Dr. Benamin Sandler is mentioned by Dr. Royal Lee in regards to Dr. Sandler's book: Diet Prevents Polio (1949)  Dr. Sandler also noted tuberculosis patients improved when sugar was taken out of the diet. 

9- Royal Lee also found that a particular nutrient triad of ionized calcium, Vitamin F, and Vitamin C Complex helps the body "knock out" flu, viruses, and bacterium.  Read here from Judy Stone.  (Don't know what Vitamin F is?  Ask me.)

More from Dr. Royal Lee in 1955:  

10- In all parts of the globe where the native population had changed from their natural foods to the use of commercial products, there began the infiltration of those dreaded diseases, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza ... exactly parallel to the increase in their use of commercial foods. It made no difference whether the change took place in a high valley in the Swiss Alps or in an island of the sea in the Eastern or Western hemisphere. The identically same results followed the introduction of commercial foods of civilized man.

Even Malaria: 

11- In recent tests mosquitos refused to bite persons who were well supplied with Vitamin B1.  He states that malnutrition is a basic cause of malaria.

Weston A. Price

What did Weston A. Price find out from his research?  He studied various groups of people who were isolated from modern agriculture and food processing.

1- Weston A. Price didn't agree with the idea that tuberculosis was contagious or inherited.  (He wasn't the only doctor with this opinion, either.) He believed it was due to poor lung development when living on a diet of processed foods.  These people also had poor facial bone development as well. Dead tissue in the lungs were consumed by bacteria that become proliferative as the need arises to digest this unwanted tissue.  (Even Royal Lee called germs scavengers) 

My editorial inserted here: The body needs to be able to detox and expel wastes.  When this important function is hindered, disease can overtake the body.

2- TB seemed prevalent in villages where thatched roofs  lacked  chimneys.  Yet when the health departments rectified that and installed chimneys to clear out the smoke from the living quarters, TB cases did not decrease.  It was due to the processed diets that the villagers transitioned to over time. 

3- Native Africans did not get malaria, yet European tourists did.

This information can be obtained from The Contagion Myth by Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon, Chapter 3.  

My take home message here is that we should be asking why are stronger people not getting sick during this current acute illness crisis?  What stands out as a major difference?  

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