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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Co Vid: Exploiting the Sick - Keeping Them Sick

I wish I wasn't so preoccupied with the overblown stories coming from the media and our g o v e r n m e n t s.   We have real healing to do.  

Don't get distracted. Do the right things that actually keep you healthy. 

I appreciate Ivor Cummins' evaluation of the data in this video.

People already sick happen to die with a positive co vid test.  Interesting, especially when the P C R test is inappropriate for diagnosing, but it helps the hospitals and health departments feel they are doing necessary work.  

Over and over we hear those with diabetes and circulatory problems are the most at risk.  People with Vitamin D deficiencies are more likely to be hospitalized. 

Eighty percent of deaths (80%) are nursing home residents. 

What is the common denominator? They are chronically sick people who have been encouraged for decades to stay sick on maintenance medications and they are probably the most sedentary portion of the population. I don't agree with this approach.  It's pure laziness to avoid teaching people what makes them unhealthy and then keep them stuck in sickness. This is exploitation. 

Even has shown 99% of the globe has had mild sickness. 

Forty years of mask data show masks make no difference. 

I wish I wasn't so preoccupied with the cult like responses to an illness that is clearly influenced by all the other modern stresses we are facing.  For example: the inflammatory chemicals in our food, air, water, and medicines are making people sicker.  For folks who don't understand the importance of detoxing, they are at risk of many body malfunction not just a so-called "virus."  The older we get, the more we accrue toxins.  It doesn't have to be this way. 

Like I said, I wish this wasn't such a distraction. inflated fear floods your body with fight or flight neuro and endocrine chemicals.  This is one major contributor to poor health.  The brain never rests from the sympathetic explosion.  

I want you to take a fresher, more balanced look at the co vid problem and then concentrate on healing your burned out vagus nerve.   Ivor Cummins can put it in to a balanced perspective for you here in his video.  Then you can work on your brain / vagus healing with me.  

Spend time on important factors in efficient healing.  Check out this post from May 2, 2020. 

Emotions and Energy: How to Unlock Your Body's Brilliance

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Call to Action: 95% of your day is spent on learned patterns you are performing on auto-pilot.  Are you satisfied with that?  If you want your brain to perform differently, you can learn how to master your Master-System.  

When I ask you to enter the 3 doorways of moving, feeding, and talking to your brain, I don't typically emphasize one over the other.  

What are the 3 Doorways?

What is Move Your Brain, Feed Your Brain, Talk to Your Brain?

Reach Your Goals Faster
All three work together.  But talking to your brain first helps you reach your goals faster.  Mainly, you need to understand how the brain prioritizes its responses so you can give your brain and body the best self care.

We know the stress response serves a purpose, but it easily gets out of balance leading to an energy crisis and poor health.  

The body-mind partnership is intertwined.  Our emotions can bring us health by initiating healing endorphins or damaging stress hormones, depending on the emotional state we are in.  Also, any bodily damage, deficiency, or pain will incite emotional stress, as well.  We don't worry about which one came first.  We want to balance all that our body experiences.  

When we understand which part of the nervous system is active, (because they both can't occur together) we can make better decisions that support our overall healing.  

Our subconscious, in it's efficiency, takes an habitual, auto-pilot control during 95% of our day.  Which pattern do you think is more prominent in your life?  And would you like to strike a different balance?

Healthy Vagus Nerve      vs.   Excessive Fight or Flight

Useful programming                          Detrimental programming

L O V E                                              F E A R 
Love for God                                      Fear that you're inadequate
Love for family
Love for your meaningful purpose

Dopamine                                          Cytokine storm
Oxytocin                                            Dysfunctional inflammation
Growth hormone

Creative, open                                    Stunted, closed

Harmony                                            Dissonance

You overtake germs                           Germs overtake you

Engaging                                           Isolated

Empowerment                                   Dis-empowerment

Drawn to self nurturing/renewal       Drawn to self abuse/sabotage

Empathy                                            Anxiety

Persevering adapter                          Victim

Calm, mindful                                    Chaotic

Explorer                                            Squatter 

Learn more about the Vagus-Reset. 
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