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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

A Year of Brain Drain: How to Win It Back

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One year ago we first heard about a strange illness in China.  We wondered and waited because, naturally, if you listen to the news long enough you will be told it is going to spread around the globe like wildfire.  

Did you quietly wait and wonder?  Did you recall the MERS or SARS1 episodes in years past?  Can't remember?

Were you listening to speculation as papers were published without peer review at lightning speed?

Now, we are constantly being berated to "keep your distance" but huddle together with a mask.  Or you're just being told to wear a mask no matter what.  People are worried about their jobs and their children's mental health. People are being asked to do things without proper discussion or freedom of choice.

What happens when you lose your ability to choose?  Recall the mouse studies from your psychology class.  Learned helplessness.  We know this is destructive to the nervous system.

What's the most dangerous thing that happened during this past year?

Nervous system damage and immune suppression through  chronic burn out of the fight or flight response. 

I implore everyone to learn how to not let their own nervous systems kill them. 

We have a chronic problem.  We've always had it.  But now it is worse. It's called stress.  But now the stress is piled high.   While the Limbic System is very efficient with fight or flight, it can become too efficient and overwhelming.  This makes us more susceptible to illness, especially acute sickness. 

To switch to a positive note, you have the ability to calm this part of the nervous system.  Follow the BFA Protocol to do this.  

Get your adjustments.  Get the right nutrition and concentrate on detoxing.  Train your brain.  Also, find your support group of like minded thinkers.  This is very valuable. 

Use the tools available her on the blog and get into the office for your "Graditune-Up."

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P.S. Don't Ever Fear an Acute Illness

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