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Thursday, December 10, 2020

End Your Day With An Energy Surplus


I've got pretty amazing energy tonight.  I am going to walk the dog soon for her nightly stroll and I am looking forward to it. 

I think back to the times I was exhausted by 3 PM waiting for my second wind.  Also I would feel  ready for bed before dinner and remain unmotivated all night. I had to talk myself into doing one final chore before bed.  

This was going on for decades.  Decades.  I thought it was normal....  How many times a day do you talk yourself into getting a task done? Do you do it  with  a smile?  Along with the crappy energy I've noticed I had a miserable mood.  

I got my blood sugar under control, finally.  I had no idea I had blood sugar problems.  This is potential disease ignored by the mainstream. 

I had to do some pretty drastic things to get where I am today.  But it's so much better.   And, by the way.  It wasn't drastic at all.  It was necessary steps to health.  But most people have a twisted understanding of normal.  Which makes it harder to try some life style changes especially when they fail.  

That's why I now teach people about the four levels of function of the nervous system and how they can evaluate their "hang ups" at each level so better results are attained. 

One new change I incorporated three days ago is I am trying a new detox approach.  I expected to be tired, but I feel ready to go even though bed time is soon.  (I'll reveal more about the detox later.) 

It's nice to end your day with an energy surplus.  (I am still going to bed at my normal time.  I won't push it.) How about you?  Do you feel the same way?

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