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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do I call myself? (Is there still a genie in the bottle?)

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Are you waiting for the genie to come out of the bottle?
Sometimes I am.

I became a chiropractor for one big reason: the adjustment unlocks the mystery of life.

We don't need to analyze it. Just unlock it and use for vibrant living.

What more can I say? I don't want to talk about back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, brachial plexus injuries, head aches, etc. I never intended to jump into the "back pain boat." I know this confuses the public. Sometimes I wish I could rename my profession in a way that more fully explains what I do.

Chiropractic means "practice of the hands" because it describes the adjustment, but it does not explain why. Every chiropractor has a different reason for adjusting the spine, so this is where the confusion comes in. Hopefully it is seen as a plethora of hope for people seeking natural ways to enhance their lives.

Why should you get adjusted?
Why do I adjust others?

There are three reasons to get adjusted: stagnation, disruption, or gratitude. My hope is that everyone eventually reaches the point of gratitude.

We live in a symptom based world. Obsessing over symptoms does not unlock the mystery of life. It only allows us to bury the real reasons we are cut off from our own precious "life force."

It is time to change the emphasis.

If you look at life force instead of pain, your outlook will be transformed.

We naturally focus on physical pain. It hurts when it happens and for some people it never goes away. How we look at pain needs to change so we can return to the mystery of life. But it is called a mystery for a reason. If we obsess about pain we are temporarily placated because we feel like we are doing something constructive. In the long run, it is not.

Everyone asks me, "What is causing my pain?"
The simple answer is, "damage." For immediate life threatening damage, surgery is needed, but for the rest education plays a far greater role. In the chiropractic office, if you want me to analyze the damage and explain it more, it is an inefficient use of our time. We don't really know for sure because some people get better faster than others. If we all responded the same way we would have it licked. But there's the mystery.

There is a part of life we can NEVER manipulate

The nervous system is a part of us that is full of mystery. We know the non-physical innate intelligence relies on the physical aspects of the brain and spinal cord to deliver the expression of life. We don't know how, but it is amazing.

When nervous system monitoring is disconnected from the body, illness results. Sometimes slowly and at other times quickly.

Most physical pain evolves from emotional pain that becomes physical. Emotional stress may not kill us but it takes its toll. Nervous system breakdown from the chemical changes of "unbalanced emotions" is a major factor in illness. We have an emotional shadow behind every aspect of our lives whether it is a neutral emotion or something else. And we certainly carry an emotional stamp when dealing with physical pain.

We can unlock the mystery of life through the chiropractic adjustment so the expression of life can flow more readily. We still can't manipulate everything about life, but we can cherish it.

So, back to my earlier statement, obsessing over symptoms allows us to bury the real reasons why we are cut off from our own precious life force. What are we burying?

My final answer is we are burying our awe inspiring feelings about the physical and non-physical connections that make us who we are. We do this by trying to assume control over our bodies in such a way that we create a mental barrier that adds more pain. Our desire for total control is causing us to stumble very badly.

I like to practice many different wellness habits such as exercising, eating sensibly, and getting adjusted. These routines don't guarantee perfection, but they help us maintain a calmness or balance so we get through the challenges of life. And challenge is a constant.

When you are getting adjusted, you invite reorganization into your life.

Not cures, not relief, not perfection. You invite reorganization. Sometimes things get messier before they get reorganized. It happens all the time on my desk and in my kitchen. What it does take is attention.

Getting adjusted means you are giving attention to your innate intelligence. Not cures, not relief, not perfection. I am passionate about sharing the messiness of reorganization with you so you are not alone on your journey.

Now I am giving you a special invitation:
I invite you to attend to your innate intelligence and experience a mental reorganization that sends a ripple effect throughout your physical and non-physical existence.

Pain is not a prerequisite for chiropractic. We use pain as a tool to understand that the body is begging for balance. Pain is not diagnosed for medical purposes. A chiro-detox plan is used to promote natural healing with innate intelligence in charge of the process.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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