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Monday, May 25, 2009

What You Don't Say Speaks Volumes and Undermines Health

Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way.I finished reading Hands of Life by Julie Motz. She will be in New York State at the Omega Institute at the end of June if anyone is interested in taking a holistic vacation. (If you have visited there, let me know. It is a beautiful spot in Upstate New York.)

She is an energy medicine practitioner working with people before, during, and after surgery. Yes, during surgeries. She has a keen awareness of life memories as they are held in the tissues and organs of the body. Cellular communication existed in the embryo long before the organs were fully formed. Making use of this sophisticated system could revolutionize how people are treated physically and emotionally when they enter the health care system.

She could sense the exacerbation of fear and anxiety in people even while they were under anesthesia. With her attendance during life saving procedures patients needed less drugs and recovered quickly with less complications.

She helped people work through the emotional pain of past events that were so strongly held inside the body, stressing and damaging organs. The common denominator among her clients was the lack of acceptance of significant anger and fear in their lives. Despite the fact that her clients overcame obstacles of childhood or adulthood, they buried their emotions exactly the way society has taught all of us to do.

At Homic Advanced Chiropractic we discuss the 3 Levels of Subluxation Understanding (Mechanical, Bio-chemical, and Emotional) Emotional habits, beliefs, and feelings set in motion a flurry of nervous system reactions. Overwhelming emotional patterns take hold in biological processes.

Working with practice members over the years I has given me the opportunity to get to know them quite well which is very different from other health care professions. I see significant thought and behavior patterns that don't allow the desired changed of chiropractic to occur. Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way. People who face the same stresses day in and day out without resolving them or establishing a healthier balance do not respond well to chiropractic, or the benefits don't last very long between visits.

Chiropractors are not therapists, but it is evident that psychology is physiology, meaning the body is the absorbs emotional stress. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the UltraMind Solution, explains how depression and other mental disorders are symptoms of an unhealthy, sickly body riddled with toxic poisoning, vitamin deficiencies, and food allergies. He concentrates on Level 2 of subluxation understanding, the biochemical sources of ill health. Chiropractic has been shown to positively change the brain.

While many people visit the chiropractor because they have injury induced pain, there is always an emotional component involved. There is always a memory of a recent or past event associated with events leading up to the injury. Doctors don't always ask what was going on emotionally in a person's life.

It is easy to compartmentalize (see the word "mental" inside the word?) our lives, but it is not appropriate when addressing health issues. We often over focus on our symptoms when we should be looking at our emotional responses to our memories as well as our present issues, pleasant and unpleasant. If I try to direct you away from your painful body part, it is because we have beat that horse to death. It is time to talk about what hasn't been mentioned.

The body isn't looking for instant answers. It just wants validation, the same way a child wants attention and affection. At your next adjustment appointment, concentrate on releasing old disappointments, old fears, and reinforce how well you are intelligently designed. There is a great deal of good going on in our lives and acknowledgment often releases stressful body reactions.

The 3rd level of subluxation doesn't get enough attention because it requires us to shift our thinking. Let's keep working on it at your next adjustment visits and see how it impacts your wellness journey.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

The UltraMind Solution

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