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Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Warning Autistic Kids are Giving Us

It is not just a problem for kids and new parents. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is revealing how a toxic world is literally taking over our lives. I take this information seriously and so does Dr. Mercola who describes autistic children as canaries in the coal mine warning us to new health problems that are rumbling under the surface.

I cannot do this article justice. I can only give a small summary of the information that I found astounding that may help you make connections between your health concerns and situations you may have never considered. One such scenario is the pregnant mother who has “silent Lyme’s disease” that infects the fetus making the newborn very susceptible to toxic exposures that lead to autism. Dr. Klinghardt talks about microbes such as mold that defensively excrete biotoxins as a survival mechanism. Electromagnetic fields have been shown to augment this defensive excretion. These common findings, as Dr. Klinghardt sees this everyday in his office, are forcing us to refocus what creates healing and what creates degeneration. Many, many of us have weakened immune systems that are becoming more fragile each day because our bodies are programmed to resist normal detoxification. Dr. Mercola’s article is linked her and I urge you to read it over thoroughly and also visit Dr. Klinghardt’s site.

On the chiropractic front, the DNA study is of utmost importance because Dr. Klinghardt points to genetic mutations that make the body’s detoxification system defective. Remember how the DNA study showed chiropractic patients who were regular with their adjustments had a high level of an enzyme that showed the DNA was repairing itself. Diseases don’t just happen. They evolve when a body can no longer defend itself from stress. We can lower our stress levels as much as we can but also need to boost our stress fighting system: the nervous system. How regular and routine are you in your adjusting schedule?

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