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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Diary of Healing - Memorize This


This is my hand written chart.  It is no frills.  I haven't attempted any publisher programs, but I'd love to make a full size decorative poster some day.

The information is important, regardless of the lack of color and shininess. 

We will use this chart to map out your own personal health journey.  Each box connected by arrows requires your self introspection so you can make the important choices that boost up your health.   This is where you fill in your story. 

The format is simple, however the difficulty that sneaks in is our ignorance of deep sources of stress/injury, or our blatant denial of these stresses and dangers to our health.

When you come in for your maintenance visit we can discuss the importance of each box and how they apply to your situation.  Personal growth is the only path to healing.  Be ready to grow. 

Understanding why you have symptoms should lighten your mood, get rid of your anxiousness over pain and discomfort.  Everything the body does is logical based on its innate response to all stresses.  (#4 of the Seven Living Principles)

The Super Seven Living Principles of the Chiropractic Advantage

1. The power that transforms egg & sperm into a person cannot be equaled.

2. Our gift of internal power is energized through the nervous system.

3. Stress is always occurring and the nervous system is always counteracting.

4. All body responses are logical as the nervous system encounters stress.

5. The nervous system forms patterns as we face stress and make choices.

6. These patterns reinforce strength or weakness in the body.

7. Chiropractic adjustments re-set neurological patterns and boost brain activity.

The Coaching Approach works best.  No one takes the time for what you really need.  But I do with BFA Coaching. 

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