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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Go Back to the Old Tyme Way

This is just an outline, not an explanation. 
  If you want to dive deeper into your own "health discovery," please set up a time for a coaching session.
If this info looks interesting, because the topics are new and unusual to you, you've opened up your outlook to the unpopular but real issues that block healing. 

Modern Problems Need Old Tyme Doctors
This is how traditional naturopaths tackled illness.

Rather than treat each symptom independently, this approach looks at how the body systems are working together.
Energy & Drainage

Address mitochondria (ATP production)
ketosis, fasting, autophagy, food allergies

Remove toxins and food impostors from your environment and diet
-grains, sugar, seed oils
- oxalates, lectins, tannins,
- gluten, phytates, glucosinolates
- chemicals, cleaning & body products,
- medications/vaccines/antibiotics
- EMF protection

Drainage = the body's ability to detox
liver, lymph, intestines, sinuses, kidneys

Gut & Parasites

Digestive Health and Parasite Killing

-enough HCl
-heal leaky gut
-glyphosate is in all food, meat and plants, must always address gut healing/microbiome
-herbs to kill parasites
- IBS, recurring constipation with diarrhea is a sign of parasites
-congested sinuses, even when irritated by certain foods is parasites
Radioactivity & Heavy Metals

mercury (fillings) , lead (paint), tin, cadmium, uranium, cesium, radium (in tap water), deuterium in water,
You never get well with radioactive elements trapped in your body.
Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Lyme

Kill parasites, detox metals and radiation first before this step.

- dental problems, dead teeth, undetected infections inside root canal
-bacteria, fungi, and viruses live on parasites, kill the parasites first
- bacteria, fungus, viruses, Lyme love heavy metals
#1 Chiropractic for brain and organ maintenance.

#2 Properly feed the tissues so they can receive nerve impulses. Avoid toxins.

I organized this information from Dr. Darren Schmidt's video.  

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