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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Your Body is Not Like A car......A Bunch of Replaceable Parts

A secret data base within the FDA to hide information about the serious problems with dental implants, robotic devices, meshes, etc.  And they can lie about the frequency of adverse events??????  Yikes????

Call to Action:  When you understand the true definition and purpose of chiropractic, you have the benefit of an anti-aging, protective practice.  Sadly, the mainstream media and insurance companies tell the public that chiropractic only fits in the narrow box of back pain relief.  That's so misleading when you know very clearly how pain is modulated by the brain, not the back!!  But, you are more informed.

I understand businesses benefit from the freedom to be innovative, BUT this of course is criminal.  If you hide all the mishaps, no one will know they need to work on improving the products.  

Keep your body's own parts.  Keep your health natural.  Implants and replacements should be avoided as much as possible.   

I listened to this twice in order to absorb this revelation.  

This is why I focus on the brain's stress monitoring system, the nervous system, because if that becomes exhausted your organs wear out much too soon.  

Your brain and spinal cord make up the Master System.  We always start at the top.

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