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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Immune Damage Was Set a Long Time Ago........Change Your Future Now

This wonderful, happy ending story was shared by Dr. Darren Schmidt. 

Call to Action: When you realize how we have been "primed" for this kind of sickness, you can take the steps necessary to live in sync with your body's innate intelligence, not against it.

Dr. Brownstein from the Center for Holistic Medicine in Michigan interviews a survivor of Covid-19 who very eloquently described how his situation gradually worsened.  With a quick referral from a concerned coworker, he was hooked up with an efficient home therapy that saved his life.  

Please listen to this interview (and use it as inspiration.  You can free yourself from the anxiety we've all been tip toeing with over the last few weeks.  

Update: May 14, 2020.
Dr. Brownstein's video was taken down by YouTube.  Luckily I summarized it here.  So, it turns out there are groups that don't want you to have access to different ideas about healing. 

I hope you appreciate my commentary below because health freedom is near and dear to my heart.  It is my reason for doing this for over twenty years.  The tricky part is being open to consider different ideas about healing.  Watching certain family members suffer never leaves you.  

The unreliable, dare I say outdated, information that we still fall back on is probably the worse sickness there is. 

On to the interview.  Here are my responses. 

- Christopher noticed sporadic signs of illness.  Early on he wasn't feeling overtly sick. 

- When he reached a point of unusual sickness he was told by his health care provider to self quarantine, while his family had to also quarantine themselves in a different part of the house. 

- As he worsened he was now at a point where his physician didn't want him in the office.  He was told to self medicate until he couldn't breathe and then he could go to the E.R. In my opinion, if he lived near an overwhelmed hospital (and not every city is in that severe situation) the facility is already incapable of helping him and they merely observe your decline.

- He was relying on Gatorade and cycling between ibuprofen and Tylenol as hear feared the Tylenol would impair his liver function. 

- He reached a point of illness where he was afraid to go the E.R. knowing what was being told on the news. He was sure he was on his deathbed. 

- When he spoke to a doctor in Dr. Brownstein's office the first instruction was to stop the OTC medications. Ibuprofen worsens the viruses effects and Tylenol robs you of your best antioxidant, glutathione. 

- The next set of instructions was to take Vit D, C, and A on a continuous, frequent schedule at pretty high amounts. Since Vitamin D and A are fat soluble, someone should be eating meat to satiation because this is the best source of fat along with the bioavailable nutrients in animal protein.   Even Vitamin C needs are lower when on a high meat, low carb diet. I prefer this life style to be in place before someone gets sick, but even at this point, it is healing,  as long as someone has an appetite and can swallow safely.   

- He was then told to use a nebulizer with a solution of saline, hydrogen peroxide and iodine.  (Instructions on Dr. Brownstein's blog, March 30th post)  His second treatment gave him the confidence that he was not going to die. 

- Dr. Ng, the one he consulted with,  told him, "Fever is your friend." He was advised to keep up his warmer body temperature, taking a hot bath with epsom salts. 

- Christopher was shocked to hear how useful a fever really is.  He stated this is a new philosophy he hadn't experienced before. 

- At this time, Dr. Brownstein's practice has no cases of pneumonia and no deaths.  He's been teaching preventive self care for decades. 

- Dr. Ng, who gave him these instructions, reminded him that all they did was help Christopher's body do its proper job of self healing.  That's all.  I tell my folks that they have this ability all the time, but the immune system needs some help because current stress, such as the dampening effect of the medications, nutrient deficiencies from the Standard American Diet, etc., have gotten in the way. 

More of my commentary: 

- At this time, the dead people cannot speak about their ordeals.  We will never know how they suffered under the failed attempts to save them.  

- Christopher was poorly informed about the purpose of fevers and the dangers of over the counter medicines.

- At this point, the medical professionals in the thick of it are now getting sick, because they are exhausted and demoralized.  The virus only wins when the immune system is exhausted.  We know they are exhausted and all they see is the worst of the worst. 

- We know people heal because Christopher healed. We must keep that on the front of our minds. 

- Sadly, the hospitals that are crowded do not have the time to give people a fair chance at healing them.  Too much time has already been lost.  The care is mostly palliative, (comfort) hoping the body saves itself.  Even the malaria, HIV, and Z-pack meds are used in the hopes that the body still has enough resilience and won't weaken more so from these drugs.  

- Nothing is more demoralizing than feeling vulnerable to a mysterious sickness.  Feeling helpless is a major stress to the immune system. It is also an effective tool to control someone.  Gaslighting and village shamans have shown us how powerful intimidation can be.  This is another topic for another time, but we can control our thoughts.  Events are events, but our emotions can be modified. 

- I believe our lack of the true understanding of the immune system "primed" us for this disaster, both in the terrible health outcomes and the enforced financial crisis. 

- We've been routinely advised to follow outdated approaches that have harmed us.  The body is already in a sick state from these popular ideas: 
  -- low fat diets
  -- calorie restriction diets
  -- low salt diets
  -- overprescribing of medications in order to stifle a life saving body function, such as a fever, or hypertension (the philosophy problem Christopher hinted at).

We also have other stresses not recognized as problematic:
    --EMF exposure
    -- glyphosate in our foods
    -- unaddressed heavy metal build up, parasites, mold, candida, and Lyme

- The medical industrial complex (and it is called complex because it is designed to confuse you so you feel beholden to the people holding press conferences), is designed to provide you with short term responses to save your life from immediate death.  Whether they do a good job or not, is a matter of opinion.  And you are entitled to your opinion.  Your health is ultimately up to you. 

But once their short term response is over, you have the responsibility to do the real work so you don't have a repeat incident.  

What is Christopher going to do now that he is recovered from Covid-19?  I bet he makes a lot of changes.  I bet his first change will be becoming a regular client of the Center for Holistic Medicine.  

What will you change in your life after the short term response is offered to you?  
  -- What will you change after you get that injection in your back?
  -- What will you change after you get that new hip?
 -- What will you change after you get that stent in your coronary artery?
  -- What will you change after that kidney stone?
 -- What will you change after that gall bladder attack?

- Perhaps you won't accept the short term response after carefully considering the risks.  That is also a fair option.  Then you can move right on to your own self care options.

- Viruses don't kill us.  We succumb under an exhausted nervous system.   

- Thankfully, many people will live and be allowed a new opportunity to make a difference. I believe Christopher is making a difference today. 

Now, listen to Christopher's own words. 

-- See you at the table.
-- The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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