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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chiropractor Highlights: What Can We Learn from Musicians

Meet Dr. Timothy Jameson at his website Musician's Health.

He helps musicians be at their best while on stage and off. He specializes in repetitive strain injuries educating his patients on the long term strain performing has on the spine and nervous system.

The biggest problem he deals with is the majority of his patients say they waited to see if their problem would go away on its own. We remember from our office orientation that it only takes 48 hours for calcium deposits to form in joints and nerves damage to occur in 14 days.

This is a good point for everyone, not just musicians. You are doing yourself a huge favor by coming in as soon as you feel you are not at your best. Remember pain is only experienced 10% of the time which means 90% of the time physical problems in the spine have not yet reached conscious level at the pain centers of the brain. Nervous system signals much reach the brain for pain to be felt. If the nervous system is under stress that prevents this process from happening, damage is occurring and you don't know it.

So, don't wait for it to go away. You don't have to.

Chiropractic is about keeping your body in a balanced state so you can heal properly.
Fast healing is never the the goal of chiropractic. Fast healing usually means masking problems and pretending they aren't there.
Proper healing needs a healthy nervous system.

Keep the energy flowing and we will see you at the table....the adjusting table.


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