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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Subluxation vs. Wellness: When You Are Stuck In Your Ways

You hear the phrase, "stuck in your ways."

We've all been accused of that. It usually means we are mentally and behaviorally and attitudinally stuck.

(Attitudinally is a real word!!)

The problem is our thinking patterns and emotional patterns transfers to our bodies. Think of the process of photography. Images are reflected onto a sensitive medium during a timed exposure. (check out the definition on

Subluxations are the same. I often talk about the chemical, physical, and emotional causes of subluxations. We don't fall down everyday (physical subluxation). We can improve our nutritional and environmental quality (chemical subluxation). But emotions are active in us everyday.

Emptional subluxations are more pravelent and sap us of our enrergy, not to mention how inefficient out nervous system becomes.

"Stuck in your ways" is a metaphorical despription of the subluxation. We know the brain memorizes patterns, good or bad. When our spines absorb negative patterns, then a continuous vicious cycle is at work.

This vicious cycle can go on for years without us paying attention to it. How many of us think stress is normal? When the autonomic nervous system is internal functions are "stuck" in maladative patterns. In other words: mind becomes matter.

Chiropractic helps us change our negative patterns.
Don't forget my article from a few weeks ago: No Pain, More to Gain. It shows chiropractic's broad benefits.

You can create your Wellness Contract and get started on changing those patterns for the better. Pick up your information packet in the office.

Feel well, think well, and help others do the same.

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