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Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Pain and More to Gain: Plenty of Chiropractic Miracles

Many, many people say to me often, "You're a chiropractor? Nice to meet you. I don't need a chiropractor right now, knock on wood..."

It's the typical line I hear at gatherings, social settings, etc. It gets quite old, especially when that is not the appropriate avenue to discuss the solid research that is being published about chiropractic.

A great deal of research was published in the early 1900's that was archived in journals that are not readily available or reviewed for indexing. That does not mean the findings were invalid. Most modern day chiropractic research is reiterating D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer's early works.

Back in September I wrote an article on DNA and chiropractic:
Read the Sept. article
This is an important issue when most people think pain is the only reason to seek chiropractic care.

Many groups of chiropractic patients have been studied and a 2004 issue of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, discussed a wellness study that demonstrated the many improvements someone can experience under chiropractic care. The study group had no pain, so other physiological responses were measured.

Take into consideration that pain cannot be measured. Pain is all subjective. These findings are objective.

Many improvements were seen in chiropractic patients who had no pain:

– Respiration
– Range of Motion
– Heart rate variability
– Autonomic function
– Endocrine function -
– Cardiovascular function
– Immune function
– Muscle strength
– Athletic ability
– Neuro-cognitive function
– Reaction time
– Information processing
– Visual acuity
– Stress
– Anxiety
– Reproductive hormones
– Healing
– Recovery time
– Labor times
– Quality of Life

What would you like to improve in your life? It depends on your own personal evolution. How far would you like to reach into your future?

See you at the table!! The adjusting table of course!

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