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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adapting After the Storm: The Wellness Process

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It’s day 2 of our winter wonderland. The county still has a travel advisory which means be very cautious while driving because conditions still are not good. Just about everything was closed yesterday. I hung around the office until mid-afternoon then called it quits because getting in and out of the car downtown was too much work. The parking situation was not ideal. Parking spaces were not plowed out and today there is still no way to get to a parking meter to put money in it. In fact, if you park on the street, there are no openings to get to the sidewalk. Someone has to walk almost a block to find a suitable passage way.

This happens just about every winter when that one big snow storm dumps a large amount very quickly and it takes a little longer to adapt to it. Every winter we are forced to adapt.

It is similar to the nervous system of the body to adapt. We are adapting everyday to the environment. If we remain aware of what we are putting our bodies through we can help it adapt. We can expose our bodies to appropriate things such as a good diet, routine exercise, and “reasonable” stress management. So, when a few crises come along, we can respond properly, adapt for a while, and then get back to regular function.

If the nervous system is continually bombarded with excessive stress, bouncing back to regular function does not happen. When the spine is burdened with chronic subluxations, regular function does not happen.

While we are all trying to adapt to this “winter mess,” our thoughts are not too positive. It is aggravating to be disrupted. There is extra work involved. The cold temperature seems to get to our last bit of patience. That means our psyches are adapting to a constant barrage of negative emotions. This too gets transplanted into the nervous system setting us up for an undesirable pattern that is difficult to reverse.

How do you want to adapt? How are you adapting now?

If the weather has kept you away from the office, that is understandable. Please get back in as soon as you can so your adapting mechanisms can be nurtured. If you want to have a better understanding of adapting mind and body so you can live your best life, ask me to discuss this further with you.

Enjoy the Journey!!

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