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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007 News: You are Here Because Something is Right; Not Because Something is Wrong

Coming soon:

Free Seminar: The Numbers Don't Lie Diet
--Fun... No.. really fun
--Easy to follow
--No complicated menus or recipes
--The numbers tell you exactly where you stand
--Coming in February, ask for details and date

February's Energy Focus:
* * Calories

March's Energy Focus:
* * Sleep

The Advancing Human Potential Contract for Wellness will begin in February. Successful participants can save money on their full-time membership and receive free massages. Ask for more details...

Let the chiropractic life-style move you to do more with your life.

Chiropractic works because something is right, not because something is wrong. The secret (not really a secret) is inside of you. Chiropractic helps you harness it.

What can you get with your Wellness $$?

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