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Thursday, September 03, 2020

Count Down Live Up: BFA Protocol Online Course

Enjoy the Intro Video

No more trying to put the pieces together. I have organized the BFA Protocol into a 5 category video course.  

5 signs of brain impairment

4 ways to lose your health

3 doorways to reclaim your health

2 reasons for everything

1 very important idea

The video course is available on my Patreon Page: Click Here to View.  

Be sure to watch both videos, Parts 1 & 2

Are You Aware of the Beautiful Harmony Within You?

If you can count backwards from 5, you can advance your life. You already have the tools, you can learn how to be more proficient with your tools. 

The U.S. is in last place for health when compared to the rest of the first world countries.  What are we doing wrong?

What would you like the change in your life?

Would you like more confidence, more energy to do new things, have the opportunity to afford the activities that interest you, more peace and purpose?

What can you do with your life if you are free of the preoccupation of symptoms?

When we focus on the brain, we can give ourselves great life experiences. 

Does your brain limit you or promote you? 

Do you feel limited in some way?

What have you given up or put on the back burner because you are our of energy?

Do you feel left behind?

Who is missing out on your time and talents because you are unavailable due to poor health?

Do your children have the knowledge and confidence in their own healing gifts?

Don't forget you can dive into a coaching relationship, too.

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