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Saturday, May 16, 2020

See If This Video Gets Taken Down

I suspect it won't.  Videos have been taken down when they are perceived to be espousing cures.  Now, you can recall on one of my "In Your Court" Videos (see below) that there are no cures for anything.   Of course, I do not claim to cure anything.  But You Tube and other formats think most of the public is gullible....

But I am upset that a doctor who actually helps people and prevents them from needing hospital care was told two days ago to take down his blog and testimonial videos.  

What was his offense?  He told people there was hope. 

Can you believe that?  Helping people is looked down upon.  It has been this way for over a century.  If you read up on the many people who have used natural means to save people from chronically debilitating conditions, it probably makes  you angry.  It is very disgusting how politicians and unelected officials disrupt lives and careers because these different thinkers don't follow the mainstream approach.  

For quick reference, check out Ty Bollinger's book, The Truth About Cancer, to learn about the sad history of gifted healers who had their materials, notes, and livelihoods destroyed. 

Dr. David Brownstein's holistic medical practice has been offering care to sick people during this infection crisis.  This care has prevented them from needing risky hospital care. 

I was planning on writing about his last video, but it was taken down before I had a chance to sit at my computer.  But, that's ok.  They can't erase my thoughts and here are my comments: 

He interviewed a busy mom who was also a nurse.  She was actually seen at the emergency room.  She had some flu symptoms that went away and then she felt sick again with more severe breathing issues.  

She had mentioned she was surprised she became so sick because she was a healthy person.  At the end of the video she later admitted, her immune system was not that strong after all.  I suspect she was living such a hard core fight or flight life that all her energy was being burned in a state of defense which depleted her ability to heal.  It's important that health care professionals illustrate how damaging everyday stress really is on health.   It is better to be proactive than reactive.  

This was an important teaching moment and it's too bad I don't have a transcript of this interview.  But, that's fine.  I appreciated her honesty and I imagine Dr. Brownstein's approach to healing blew her away.  Doctor means teacher, and the best gift a health care practitioner can share is information about the body's natural healing ability and how to assist it with simple, safe life style habits.  

The conflict here is medical doctors can't make huge profits on natural products that are easily formulated and sold straight to the public.  They don't keep patients coming back for expensive tests and procedures.  You have to admit, medications merely string you along and never get you feeling good. 

I mentioned in my video above that there are medical doctors who have "jumped ship" because they are tired of a system that rewards failure.  Yes, health failure and the accompanying defeat people feel that eventually makes their health worse because they feel there is no hope.  In future blog posts, I will mention some of those doctors who think outside the box.  

My final word here is that you are responsible for your health.  No one else is.  You have the responsibility to learn what makes you tick.  It's not a difficult challenge.  It's just not welcomed by your own peers and family members who are used to the mainstream model of following insurance coverage and assuming that's the best way to build your health.  

As you know by now, I am here to teach you how to use your gift of self healing.  You already have the tools.  You can learn how to be more proficient with those tools.  

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Here's my episode where I explain why we should stop waiting for cures:

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