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Friday, February 21, 2020

The Truth About Burn Out

Burn Out → Vagus Failure

Do you have Burn Out?????

The B.F.A. Vagus Reset is a true mind-body healing approach

Signs of burn out:
Mind                                                             Body
Feeling depressed, worried, or incompetent
Memory problems
Poor concentration
Miserable at work, wishing to quit
Underutilized at your job
Unappreciated at your job
Not enjoying time off
not taking enough time off
Feeling your time is not yours
Financially stressed
Feeling isolated, no peer support
Relationship tension
Addictions to caffeine, alcohol, smoking
Addictions to sugar, processed foods, seed oils

Inability to lose weight
Always tired, fatigued
Chronic pain that makes no sense
Old injuries didn't heal well
Craving sugar, snacks, or excessive eating
Need to eat every two to three hours
Desiring caffeine, alcohol, nicotine
Pain medicines “don't touch the pain”
High blood pressure
High blood sugar
High triglycerides
Digestive irritation, IBS
Thyroid Dysfunction
Multiple chemical sensitivities
Environmental illness
No energy left for healing, the healing process is drained

Vagus Burn Out is not acknowledged properly or understood.

There is no medical test for this, therefore, there is no drug therapy.

Injections and surgery do not address this.

Drugs for pain or dysfunction do not address this.

The mental health approach can open up someone to understanding Vagus Failure, but brain based chiropractic is still needed.

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