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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Doctors Not Moved By Drug Company Lies

(Image: Don't Try This At Work

If Doctors Really Supported Patient Rights, Pharma Would Close Down Forever.

Call to Action: Evaluate how much you tolerate dishonesty when it comes to allopathic professions that focus on peer pressure rather than doing no harm. 

I can't speak for any individual physician, and I certainly can't speak for other chiropractors.  Yes, I admit I am not interested in much of what the current chiropractic associations promote.  (That's another topic.)

The truth is out there, but it is ignored.  There is so much fraud and dishonesty with the regulation of pharmaceutical products, I can't understand why there is such a high worship of drugs.  

Safety regulations are completely violated If physicians really acknowledge this, they would refuse to write another script.   Listen to Pam Popper's explanation of this huge disservice.   I am stunned by this information.  But not surprised.  Really, if your doctor stood up for you, there would not be another drug given out.  The track record of the regulators is so poor and it has become a joke behind the scenes.  If this was how airplanes and cars were sold, we'd all be riding bikes. 

Why do I speak about this?  Because drugs don't heal you.  Your own healing ability within your physiology does the hard work.  You are the healer.  And if you have trouble believing it, you will have trouble healing. 

It's not a secret that drugs do harm.  They are toxins, but that tends to be downplayed in an attempt to manipulate body systems. The government's regulations are not followed and the consequences for law breakers are not handed out.  

The blatant disregard of safety should make the pubic angry.  People are unwittingly taking drugs assuming they are safe.  

Darren Schmidt's video on Akathisia -- What's That? Black Box Warning.

What else can I say about this?  This is why I am here.  This is why we have drug-less healing professions such as chiropractic.  

If you truly are ready to take a different approach, I invite you to take part in Ready For Different: BFA Coaching.

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