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Friday, January 24, 2020

Great Questions Make a Great YOU!

Great Questions Lead to Great Transformations
BFA Coaching is here!!
Ready for Different?
Change Actually Comes from Change
Society is Struggling with Poor Health. Be the Model for Vibrant Living.
Understanding the Brain's Important Role in Your Health
Recognize Vagus Failure (Unresponsive to Healing)
Overcome Sympathetic Overload ( Stuck in Fight or Flight)

A coach takes your talent and shapes it through deliberate systemic organization.

A brain centered chiropractic coach takes your already prefect innate and gives it receptive organs that can receive the nerve energy.
Your great questions mean you are ready to take the next step to amazing growth.

Coaching Topics

** Embracing Anxiety: Thank Your Brain for Protecting You

** Ketolox Phasing: The Why and the How for Anti-Aging

** Brain Boot Camp: Get Out of Defense, Get Back into Growth

** Self Healing Practice: How Science Tells Us What Really Works

** Or your own customized topic based on your health goals

If your 2020 goal is to think better and feel better but you are stumped where to begin, coaching is an opportunity customize your own plan that gives you a meaningful experience that lasts.

BFA Coaching Template

1- You've voiced some intriguing questions. What brought you to this point?

2- What is your vision for the future?  (Don't be shy about it.)

3- What are your current strengths and challenges?
Strengths (What's going well for you?)


4- Are you ready to redirect your energy away from Draining Fight or Flight to a Calm State for learning, planning, and strategizing?

Every Body Needs:

1 – Nerve Energy
2 – Nutrient Energy
Every Brain Needs:

An efficient state (vagus - calm) for learning, planning, and strategizing.

Move Your Brain         Feed Your Brain       Talk to Your Brain

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