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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using the Wrong Tactics on Unrecognized Diseases

Don't Put Up with "Half Care" Health Care Anymore

This sounds like a contradiction, but it is an eye opener. We know there are chronic health problems. We know people are sick. Until we admit the full extent of how these problems got started and how we are reacting to them insufficiently, we will still be sick. And don't count on health care reform. It will be more of the same.

I am offering a special incentive to practice members who want more information.

In the meantime, look at my check list below and ask me if you want to stop the hidden health problem that is not getting enough attention:

Get the hidden illness out in the open.

Check off any that apply to you:

[ ] Obese or overweight
[ ] High blood pressure
[ ] Poor cholesterol and triglyceride numbers
[ ] Inefficient insulin/diabetes or pre-diabetes
[ ] Arthritis and/or fibromyalgia
[ ] Pre-menopause or menopause or postmenopausal age
[ ] genetic dysfunction * (how do you know you have this?)
[ ] Impaired detoxification * (how do you know you have this?)
[ ] Peri-neural vibrational dysfunction * (how do you know you have this?)
[ ] Any unpleasant sign of aging

If you have a few questions on your mind, good! We're moving in the right direction. Ask me at your next appointment:
What are the real health problems and how do I face them appropriately?

Remember last year when I blogged about health care being unrealistic in cost and efficiency?
Read it again and ask me how to get healthy without expensive technology and scare tactics.
Read it Here

See you at the table...the adjusting table.
Your Health Freedom Advocate

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