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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taking Aim & Hitting Hard: Health Care Reform --- The Dangerous Burden

From the Desk of Dr. Lisa Ann Homic:

I am taking aim and hitting hard!
I am taking aim with my best weapon: education.
I will hit the target: wasted money on useless health care.

The health care system is keeping us sick!! Finding ways to pay for more of the same is ridiculous and dangerous!

Face it, paying for it from a common public fund is not going to work.

We have forgotten:

1. Healthy living is affordable
2. Sickness is expensive
3. Death is free

Emergency care is important and we still need hospitals, but most hospitalizations are preventable. Health care reform should really be shrinking our hospitals and putting some out of business.

All this talk in the news about health care reform is really getting to me. Is it getting to you too? The discussions and sound bytes are about paying for the most expensive procedures and tests. Operations and MRI’s are not cheap there is no doubt about it. But why are we so focused on sickness?

Yes, it costs a whole lot to be sick.
It also costs a whole lot to scare us about being sick.

Saving money is about not getting sick!

If you really want to face the truth about health care reform you have to know the difference between sick care and health care. There is very little health care in the conversation.

Insurance is not a guarantee of health

I’ve heard both sides of the arguments. Supposedly, people without insurance are not healthy. But people with health insurance are not healthy either. Some of the sickest people I know have superb health insurance coverage. Did anyone consider that some people without insurance might be taking better care of themselves to avoid sickness?

Let’s forget about who will and won’t be taxed
for this free health care…
…Let’s talk about making healthy living choices.

I’ve been in health care for 16 years and have come to some basic conclusions:

Rule #1 - You don’t need fancy technology to get healthy.
Ask Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. John McDougall. They have cleared out clogged arteries without bypass surgery.

Rule #2 – Drugs manipulate a body process at the expense of other parts of the body. We all know it. We’re just too afraid to try something safer because it takes longer to see results or it takes a personal commitment to change our habits. Or we just don’t care. (Remember, the opposite of care is neglect) We take drugs at our own risk. Don’t wait for a class action lawsuit to save us. And, don't be fooled by the term maintenance drugs. They drastically impair your quality of life.

Rule #3 – Psychological stress is the most damaging to our bodies but we go out of our way to pile more of it senselessly into our lives. We give in to societal pressure and harm ourselves. Admit it. We believe if we can’t beat ‘em we just join ‘em.

Ready for Real Health? Join me with Personal Power Health Care Reform.

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Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach




Deb Leone said...

Yes!!! After a couple of recent encounters with "health care professionals", it is clear to me that is a business and the dollar is the bottom line, not the care of the patient.
And a fear driven society will agree to anything

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C. said...

Thanks, Deb, for your response. Fear is one tiny seed that can flourish into disaster. Look at the talk about swine flu vaccines and the push to get all pregnant women vaccinated. We need to protect our right to say no as much as yes. We still have the right to refuse treatment. Health freedom is more important than fighting over sickness financing.