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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Dedication to Important Decision Makers

I will soon be launching a "double book." I finished writing God Made Women Not Estrogen Dominance: Premenopause & Beyond.

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I saw the need to focus on this stage of women's lives because (1) I am in it now, and (2) a better understanding and welcoming of menopause is the better way to deal with a whole host of other chronic diseases. What is not being communicated in the medical media is that all diseases are related in some fashion to premenopause and beyond.

Rather than look at all health issues separately, we need to look at them from a maturing standpoint. For women it is before, during, and after menopause. (Men have a similar change and can be addressed in an almost similar fashion.)

Premenopause and menopause are recognized as troublesome times in a woman's life. It is treated like a disease in the allopathic model. Even with a more natural approach, symptoms are treated one by one with different herbs and supplements and the overall process of "the change" is underappreciated.

One common theme that seems to be invisible is the toxin connection. The older we get, the more toxic we become and these pollutants trapped in our bodies confuse the nervous system as well as the hormonal feed back system.

Toxins are recognized as a frustrating culprit in weight gain, but it should now be more noticed in all issues of aging, especially premenopause.

And, women beyond menopause still need to be concerned about menopause even though they no longer have their periods. They still need to detox and restore balance, but medicine treats them as if they are men since they are past the reproductive years. This is an attitude change that will only happen when older women demand it from their health care providers.

I've also included a revised edition of The Numbers Don't Lie Diet, so the book is full of two concerns common to women.

The book is designed as a guide for women who want to take more control over their health so they still have time to be the important guide in the lives of their families. To them, I have dedicated the book.

Look for an announcement for some office talks coming up.

God Made Women Not Estrogen Dominance

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate


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