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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Mechanical, Melodious, & Miracle: Chiropractic Path to Personal Freedom

Welcome to Mind-Body Synchronicity. This is a personal development program with a chiropractic focus. This is the gem of chiropractic that, once understood, expands a person's life in amazing ways.

The mind and body respond to each other. The body speaks to us very uniquely but there are few who can translate its language. Chiropractic takes care of that. With the nervous system being the most important survival system of the body, it must be allowed to do its job without interference.

I try to convey this to my practice members in different ways without trying to dissect every aspect of the human body. Who has that kind of time? I spent a year studying anatomy and still didn't learn everything. The neuro-physiology of the mental impulse has been studied like crazy lately. I love talking about it all day long. But not everyone sees the same excitement in it like I do...not yet.

I like to present it in 3 simple steps:
1. The Mechanical
2. The Melodious
3. The Miracle

Most people look at the body as a mechanical masterpiece. It is a fine beginning point, but once the understanding grows, looking at life mechanically becomes prehistoric, almost too rudimentary. Every part of the body has its place and works systematically with its neighboring organ or muscle. We appear to be very mechanical. You can even replace some parts with transplanted organs or artificial joints. But we are not truly mechanical. We can't stop there because it doesn't honor the cognitive and emotional sides of human existence. We cannot be taken apart piece by piece and put back together again. Something unique is missing. The melody.

The melodious part of us is that unseen essence that keeps us alive. Our thoughts have interesting ways to affect the body such as emotions creating hormonal events within the body. There is a melody that sings inside of us that connect organs that are not near each other. Cells respond to nerve signals that are nowhere near it. Cells can communicate without touching. Relying alone on a mechanistic view does not explain this living phenomenon.

This takes us to the miracle. Do we need to be able to explain everything? We are miracles. We are special creations who continue to co-create by interacting with the rest of the population and using and replenishing what is available to us on this earth. For many this is our profound connection with God. Others call this our innate link with universal intelligence. It is miraculous.

Chiropractic is Personal Development?

When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, the mechanical, melodious, and miraculous connections are "revved" up to the maximum so becoming the best person you want to be is withing your reach.

Many believe in the regualar tune-up.
Others believe little can be achieved without health.
There are others who believe nothing can be achieved without a respect for our innate gifts provided by God.

Chiropractic honors the mechanical, melodious, and miracle inside each of us.

I invite you to experience the personal freedom that is inspired by chiropractic.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

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