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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Are You Feeling Squeezed? Chiropractic Connection to the Mind & Body

Are You Feeling Squeezed?

You know the saying: pressue makes diamonds

How much stress are you feeling right now? How will you benefit from it? Can you use stress as a spring board to a better yourself?

How do you embrace stress? Do you let it lead you to better decisions? We have two choices. We can collapse under the pressure or transform it into a lovely diamond.

I focus on the synchronicity between the body and the mind because they are uniquely linked. Our health picture is a reflection of the emotional work we are or are not attending to. The body speaks to us in a different language and with appropriate translation we can find balance to both our physical and mental well-being.

I encourage you to take the path that turns the pressure into diamonds.

Below is a related article I found at that I like. We often focus on getting rid of pain as quickly as possible, any way possible. If we are not attending to the central problem, it gives us many chances to face it again.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.
Dr. Lisa

The Purpose of Pain
Dr. Peter Lind

Think out of the box for a moment with me. What if the symptoms you have: headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, or whatever else you want to add to the list, exist to serve a purpose? What if the only reason your symptoms are there are for you to learn something from?


Track with me. Think of pain in emotional terms, like the symptom you have has a specific emotional state associated with it. It means something.

How does your headache make you feel? Does it make you feel sad? Abandoned? Does it make you feel like you can’t think straight anymore? Like you can’t bear that one thought anymore? Like you can’t think about that one thing any longer? Does it make you feel weary?
Now, let’s say you answered those questions and came up with a reasonable answer. You say: “Well, yeas, I do believe my headaches began when I was in grade school when my mother scolded me for being late for school every day. And now, every day just before I leave for work I get a headache that begins on the left side of my head, and I can remember I used to hold my hand up to my ear so I didn’t want to hear my mom yell at me. It’s the same place on my head. So, Dr Lind, if I would get to work on time there might be a chance that my headaches would subside?”

No, I’m not saying that exactly. I’m saying that if you begin to look at your symptoms emotionally, like your body is trying to say something to you, you might begin to unravel some of the problems you have today.

Whoa, that’s looking at your pain and physical problems differently.
Great, let’s go deeper.

Now, let me ask you: why did your mom have to yell at you every day? You were just going to school, right? No big deal. What’s the problem? Well, the yelling for being late for school never made sense to your brain. So your brain said to itself: “I’m going to store this right now as a headache because I don’t understand this yelling thing. And someday I hope that you (you) deal with trying to understand it but until then I’m going to give you headaches as a way for me to deal with it and for you as a reminder until you deal with it.”

So you have headaches every day and never bothered to ask yourself why.

Right now, what do your headaches made you feel? I’ll answer for you and I’ll say, weary; they make you feel weary. And if you asked yourself when you were a kid when your mom first began yelling at you, you would have said weary then, also. I would have explained it like this:
You were late because you liked to sleep and you felt good sleeping and sleeping was more rewarding to you than being late and getting yelled at. You were still tired, weary, but being weary and sleeping was more rewarding to you than getting yelled at for being late.
Do your headaches make you weary (or what exactly is the emotion?).

Now, let’s go deeper still. If you stop the purpose of the headache like medicating it, without dealing with its cause, wouldn’t it be reasonable that your amazing brain would find another pain or symptom? Your brain wants you to deal with your emotions but yet it doesn’t want to go through the emotional pain while working on it. It would like you to make some sort of sense out of an emotion that never made sense and do it in a way that is non-traumatic again.

So your brain gives you a pain syndrome.

Now, what if you would take the pain and deal with it like an active emotion? Talk to it and say: “Hey head pain, you make me feel weary. I’m going to stop feeling weary if you let my head pain alone. Don’t do this pain anymore. And I’ll do everything I can to stop feeling weary. I’m going to arrive at all my appointments early, in fact I’m going to be so punctual that I’m going to become “happy-early”, a new character I’m going to develop for myself. And while I’m busy doing that, we’re both going to change—you, the head pain, and me the late, weary person.”
Try this for a month and see what happens. I’m willing to bet it will change your life.

Dr Peter Lind is a practicing chiropractor utilizing newly developed procedures and protocols to remove the affects of stress on the body. He continues helping hundreds of people on his website

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